Ukraine Crisis

Interview: Bret Schafer on Putin’s Internet Propaganda Push

GPM-Interview-Propersize sits down with the Alliance for Securing Democracy's Bret Schafer for an in-depth look into Russia's ongoing disinformation campaign against the West.

Trump Approves Lethal Arms Sales to Ukraine

UkraineSoldier, cc Ministry of Defense of Ukraine Flickr, modified,

Will greater parity along the ceasefire line deescalate conflict, or trigger a wider arms race?

The Corruption Fight Gets Ugly in Ukraine

Petro2, cc U.S. Department of State, Flickr, modified,

The political elites in Ukraine have set about defanging the anti-corruption institutions they created just a few years ago.

Temperature Rises in Ukraine’s New Political Season

Poroshenko2, cc Flickr Oleg Dubyna, modified,

The governing coalition is hemorrhaging support and trying desperately to silence any whispers of early elections.

Nagorno-Karabakh: Small Conflict, Big Repercussions

PutinDirectLine2, cc -

Nagorno-Karabakh is one frozen conflict in the post-Soviet space that periodically melts into violence.

Russia and Belarus: Rhetorical Enemies, Strategic Partners

RussiaBelarus, cc,

This backgrounder explores the geopolitical tightrope that Belarus is walking between the European Union and Russia.

Can the EU Shake Its Russian Energy Habit?

cc Flickr jasonwoodhead23, modified,

Diversified LNG imports could be the answer to the European Union’s energy puzzle.

Backgrounder: Russian Sanctions

PutinCAllin, cc,

The past, present, and future of US-EU sanctions and their impact on the Russian economy.

Ukraine Crisis: Geopolitics Dictates It Will Remain Frozen

President_Poroshenko_A142014, cc Youtube NEWS UTR,

At this point there’s only one way to thaw out the Ukraine crisis: Moscow or Kiev and its Western backers conceding on their own core interests.

Russia Struggles with Its Breakaway Empire

Putinpainting, photo credit: Nikolay Volnov Flickr, modified,

It’s getting harder and harder for Russia to maintain its network of breakaway territories in the post-Soviet space.

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