Ukraine Crisis

Canadian Foreign Policy Can’t Simultaneously Support Territorial Integrity and Separatism

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Contradictory stances on Ukraine and Azerbaijan undermine Canada’s moral authority.

Do We Live in Mearsheimer’s World?

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Is Russia’s Ukraine policy a proactive response to domestic concerns, or a reactive answer to outside incursions into its near abroad?

FLASH: What’s Fueling Russian Protests?

Русский: Один из символов протестной акции — туалетный ёршик. Выкрашен в золотой цвет. Отсылает к расследованию ФБК «Дворец Путина», из материалов которого следует, что туалетные ёршики в резиденцию Владимира Путина закупались по цене около 700 евро. Москва, Театральная площадь, дом 1, сквер перед Большим театром, cc Sergey Korneev,, modified,

Protests broke out across Russia after the arrest of Alexei Navalny, but public anger is about more than just the fate of one opposition politician.

The Wagner Group: Origins and Early Deployments

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First in a two-part series, this backgrounder traces the origins and earliest deployments of Russia’s infamous mercenary outfit: the Wagner Group.

The Wagner Group: Intrigue, War, and Resource Extraction in Africa and Beyond

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After initial deployments in Ukraine and Syria, the African continent has become the main theater for Wagner Group operations.

Corruption Fight Devolves into a New Constitutional Crisis in Ukraine

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President Zelensky has set his sights on Ukraine’s constitutional court following a decision to reverse key anti-corruption reforms.

Belarus Crisis: The Geopolitical Stakes for the Major Powers

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The Belarus crisis is mainly the result of domestic political tensions. But paradoxically, this is an internal issue that carries a profound international dimension as well.

Belarus Crisis: The Russian Perspective

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What’s at stake for Moscow in the ongoing Belarus crisis, and how far is the Kremlin willing to go to protect its interests?

Counter-Protests: A Gamble for Beleaguered Governments

A protest at the end of July in Minsk, cc Homoatrox, modified,

Counter-protests have been a risky proposition for beleaguered governments through the 2010s. Will Belarus be any different?

COVID-19 in Ukraine: Religion and Geopolitics in a Pandemic

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Ukraine’s long-running religious schism has spilled into the country’s COVID-19 response.

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