Global Forecast (10-25-2021)


A major lapse of the ‘ASEAN way,’ COVID-19 spreads in China , and Evergrande lives to fight another day.

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Vietnam Faces Watershed Moment ahead of COP26

Many roads are flooded in Ho Chi Minh City because the high tide is at its peak. Credit: Hong Giang - Vietnam News Agency. / Thành phố Hồ Chí Minh: Nhiều tuyến đường ngập s

For a sense of the stakes involved at the upcoming COP26 climate conference, look no further than Ho Chi Minh City’s fight against rising seawaters.

Emerging Markets Hike Rates to Get Ahead of Inflation


Though central banks have approached the problem with different levels of urgency.

Britain Stages a Comeback in the Indian Ocean

HMS Queen Elizabeth (R 08) conducts a replenishment-at-sea in the South China Sea., cc Official U.S. Navy Page, modified, https://flickr.com/photos/usnavy/51351941357/in/photolist-2meN86g-2kWqQvc-A2yrhM-2kLCiUC-2gXABPz-2knkiXE-yZZH7w-2kLSQET-A1ppmJ-2kLMdnt-2kZoUcW-fqWPet-2joWfAY-2jY94a9-2kyv9fK-2kLC2Qc-2jQ7GHM-2kLQX9n-2kLCkQg-2k8MD8h-2m58p49-2kZwsvm-2m1rTkX-2jXHm7A-KdwCuo-BMtMEj-qTo81J-2j5AXZ1-2kJZR6X-2j5CvQj-zUJoRh-7MUVQT-2j5Cwhb-2j5EoVD-2kMFAZS-4GT7WC-4GNXRi-XhGmaz-2iBMrrE-2hwQE1Q-2iFqrVo-nYd9Zc-2jj5xdD-Mu5wJx-2kZoUe4-HEBLde-2iBP2Xq-2gjaUFz-2hnxwzi-2kLRpfG

The Indo-Pacific features prominently in ‘Global Britain,’ but diplomatic and fiscal realities could get in the way.

Syria Facing a Fourth Turkish Invasion?

cc Kurdishstruggle, Flickr, modified, https://flickr.com/photos/kurdishstruggle/37857203615/in/photolist-ZFj4Ha-FLXpoy-E1FNdr-23HUzaP-A3gDCA-A5seeR-H8f8z9-21P8D7m-GeHzvC-EVSBbc-C7Q816-AAgxNh-CC6HMU-AAgnTw-CXhWiG-D3zzZp-23Sf5Z3-BAWSiA-APU9tC-AmAXqC-22pqti4-EVSDcX-E3ZbAv-AXmxW8-FZzz64-zSoYEQ-JPUbHR-AR5WqK-JJgVhq-Ar66Pw-22pqsBV-NoiDrK-22pqt7c-D4SC3U-D5dhXp-Bvua1G-22pqsJD-AGPmpq-AVbRgv-J9P3XR-BzS1Wb-H1qC2J-FGXrHd-FoXrpM-CYxN7J-ApNrXH-B1xJrT-AuMvuF-Ac5yTT-Bdpypg

Signals abound that Turkey is preparing to launch another military operation in Syria, potentially with the objective of linking its two enclaves in the country.

High Oil Prices Add to Emerging Market Currency Woes


High oil prices are just the latest headwind to bear down on emerging markets.

Default Looms as Evergrande Tests China’s Real Estate Sector

cc Chorzinghuam 2, modified, https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:HK_%E9%87%91%E9%90%98_Admiralty_%E5%A4%8F%E6%85%A4%E9%81%93_Harcourt_Road_Gloucester_Road_China_Evergrande_Centre_September_2020_SS2_01.jpg

The next chapter of the Evergrande saga is set to begin over the weekend.

China’s Belt and Road Initiative and the Indo-Naga Conundrum

cc Narendra Modi, modified, https://www.flickr.com/photos/narendramodiofficial/29447291745

Political reconciliation with the Nagas is one of several obstacles in New Delhi’s quest for greater regional connectivity.

SNAPSHOT: No Relief for Natural Gas Prices in Europe


Natural gas prices have skyrocketed in Europe since July, and they continue to defy gravity heading into the winter.

Global Forecast (10-18-2021)


China’s growth slowdown, a new ‘Sputnik moment,’ and global stagnation fears amid higher energy prices.

Ethiopia Bets on Drones to Break the Stalemate in Tigray

cc Fars News, modified, https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Mohajer-4_(10).jpg

After tilting the scales in Nagorno-Karabakh, Syria, and Iraqi Kurdistan, will drones do the same in the Ethiopian civil war?

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