Petropolitics 101: The Case of Guyana

Bohrinsel Curacao, cc Flickr dronepicr, modified,

Guyana failed to evade the “resource curse” once. Will it happen again?

COVID-19: Economic Impact Round-up (3-19-2020)

COVID19-virus, cc Flickr NIAID, modified,

Recounting global disruptions from the COVID-19 outbreak, along with the growing list of government stimulus initiatives deployed to mitigate them.

US Debt to Spike in Wake of COVID-19

USTreasury, cc Mike, modified,

The US government debt load was already teetering on the precipice of becoming unmanageable - then COVID-19 hit.

Oil’s Armageddon: Implications for African Exporters

TankerSunset, cc rabiem22, modified,

Africa’s largest oil exporters are not in a position to weather the massive price disruptions wrought by COVID-19 and Saudi-Russian acrimony.

A Perfect Storm Brews above the US Energy Industry

US Shale, cc Flickr Jun, modified

After COVID-19, Russia, and Saudi Arabia are through with it, there might not be much of an industry left.

Debt in a Time of Coronavirus

COVID2, cc Flickr NIH Image Gallery, modified,

With COVID-related shutdowns abound, are major economies headed for a massive credit crunch?

The Future of the Global Monetary Order

USD, cc Flickr Mike, modified,

What will the global financial system of 2060 look like?

COVID-19: Economic Impact Round-up (2-26-2020)

ItalyTempCheck, cc Flickr Dipartimento Protezione Civile, modified,

Recounting the latest economic disruptions due to the COVID-19 outbreak.

COVID-19: Economic Impact Round-up (2-20-2020)

COVID-19, cc Flickr NIAID, modified,

Recounting the latest economic disruptions due to the COVID-19 outbreak.

Glacier Watch: China-Kazakhstan Water Conflict and the Lake Balkhash Basin


Glacier shrinkage in the Lake Balkhash basin is set to exacerbate water shortages in an already arid part of the world, creating a potential water conflict between China and Kazakhstan.

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