Corruption and Mismanagement Plague the Iranian Petroleum Sector

IranTanker, cc Alf van Beem, modified,,_Holland_15-Dec-2007.jpg

If past record is any indication, a healthy skepticism is warranted concerning Iran’s new oil discovery in Khuzestan province.

Reforming Financial Journalism in an Era of Geopolitical Flux

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Financial journalism is broken; here’s how to fix it.

Nigeria’s Winding Road to Recovery

Buhari Poster in Nigeria, cc Flickr Clara Sanchiz, modified,

Will President Buhari’s economic legacy be “digital pioneer” or “purveyor of a lost decade”?

Development as a Response to External Exigencies

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We must not forget that development is a means to an end, a way for society to stand on its own two feet. It is not an end in and of itself.

No End in Sight for South Africa’s Economic Malaise

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The latest numbers out of South Africa suggest more economic pain to come.

Can Blockchain Help Rid Tech Products of ‘Conflict Minerals’?

Miner, cc Deo Photographer, modifeid,

Distributed ledger technology is being used in efforts to remove conflict minerals from supply chains – but it doesn’t have all the answers.

Fact Sheet: China-Mongolia-Russia Corridor


An overview of the China-Mongolia-Russia corridor, one of the main economic conduits envisioned by China’s One Belt One Road Initiative.

Mozambique: Democracy in Distress

FrelimoPosters, cc Flickr Andrew Moore, modified,

The peace process involving Mozambique’s rival political factions is at risk of breaking down, with development of its substantial energy resources hanging in the balance.

Nile Basin Water Wars: The Never-Ending Struggle Between Egypt, Ethiopia, and Sudan

Blue Nile in Khartoum, cc FLickr Juri Knauth, modified,

Ethiopia’s Grand Renaissance Dam is approaching completion and regional partners are no closer to reaching a basin-wide agreement.

Chabahar Port Update

Years removed from an extensive renovation and inaugural shipments, what effect is Chabahar port having on regional trade flows?

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