Strategic Commodities 2.0: Global Tantalum Supply & Demand

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Next in our series on strategic commodities we examine tantalum, a conflict mineral with complex geopolitical ramifications for East Africa and beyond.

The Quad Comes of Age?

English: President Biden and Vice President Harris Meet Virtually with their Counterparts in the Quad; Prime Minister Narendra Modi of India, Prime Minister Scott Morrison of Australia, and Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga of Japan, source: Video;

Assessing the geopolitics and motives behind emergence of the Quad’s Leadership Summit.

Strategic Commodities 2.0: Global Tin Supply & Demand

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Next in our series on strategic commodities we examine tin, a conflict mineral whose production is increasingly dominated by Asian states.

Emerging Markets Brace for US Interest Hikes

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Ahead-of-schedule rate hikes from the US Federal Reserve risk broadsiding vulnerable emerging market economies like Turkey and Brazil.

Strategic Commodities 2.0: Nickel Supply and Demand

A display near Sudbury's 'Big Nickel' in Canada, cc Flickr Mike Beauregard, modified, Mike Beauregard

Next in our series on strategic commodities we examine nickel, a lithium-ion battery input that many hope will one day supplant cobalt. But these plans could be upended by a supply squeeze looming on the horizon.

Infrastructure: Biden’s Next Policy Battle

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Biden promised big things for infrastructure on the campaign trail. Can his administration deliver?

Global Forecast (3-7-2021)


Examining the issues and hotspots that will be making headlines in the week ahead.

Cobalt Prices Surge as COVID-19 Recedes

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Cobalt prices are surging, but is the market heading for a repeat of the false start of 2016-2018?

Inflation Whispers Spook Global Bond Markets

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Do spiking yield curves across the developed world harken the end of COVID-era monetary stimulus?

Striking Oil Is No Antidote for What Ails Cambodia’s COVID-hit Economy

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Cambodia has extracted its first crude oil from the Gulf of Thailand. Yet with oil prices low amid COVID-19 and production peaking at 7,500 barrels per day, the impact on Cambodia’s economy will be marginal.

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