Winds of Change: Vietnam’s Transition from Fossil Fuels to Renewables

Overall view of Dau Tieng Solar Power Project, Vietnam, cc WikiCommons TammyLe, modified,

Vietnam is harnessing a grassroots desire for green energy to enact a slow but steady transition away from coal-based electricity generation.

Global Forecast (7-26-2021)


A possible turning point in the post-COVID economic recovery, Brazil’s defense ministry muses on cancelling next year’s election, and the Taliban takes ownership of nearly all of Afghanistan’s borders.

Strategic Commodities 2.0: Global Tin Supply & Demand

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Green technologies are expected to create a surge in global tin demand, but Western companies may encounter supply challenges amid the outsize market weight of Asian producers.

US and Germany Reach a Deal on Nord Stream 2


Ultimately, this zero-sum decision between two US allies was hardly a Sophie’s choice.

Supply Pinch Sustains Record Iron Prices


Moves by Beijing to cool iron prices can only go so far against a backdrop of lingering supply shortfalls.

Record Northwest Drought Imperils US Wheat Crop

cc Flickr USDA NRCS Montana, modified,

Wheat farmers in Washington, Montana, and Idaho stand to suffer as global prices tick upward on supply concerns.

US Federal Reserve Balance Sheet Exceeds $8 Trillion Mark

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The Federal Reserve balance sheet just hit $8.1 trillion, roughly the size of the economies of Japan and Germany combined.

ECB Sets New Inflation Target in Rare Strategy Overhaul

cc Flickr Valsts kanceleja/ State Cha, modified,

Either the target or the loose monetary policy had to go. In the end it was the target.

Farmers Braced for Water Shortages as Reservoirs Dry Up in Mexico

Dry riverbed in Santa Elena Canyon in Big Bend National Park, Texas, United States. Rio Grande facing downstream (Mexico on right, United States on left). Note: The river was flowing adjacent, large enough for people to canoe down it. This photo is a closeup of a sand bar., cc SCEhardt, modified, public domain,

Decades of overconsumption has been exacerbated by acute drought, and the result is a brewing water crisis in Mexico.

Global Forecast (7-5-2021)


Famine descends on Ethiopia’s Tigray region, OPEC+ attempts to thresh out a production hike, and tensions mount along India and China’s shared Himalayan border.

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