Strategic Commodities 2.0: Global Lithium Supply

lithium supply - Salt-encrusted lake beds, called salars, are scattered across the high, dry, and windy Puna de Atacama. Formed from the concentrated remnants of vast ancient lakes, the salars hold many soluble minerals, like potassium salts, lithium salts, and table salt. The Salar de Olaroz lithium mine is a new facility that will be capable of producing 17,500 metric tonnes of lithium carbonate per year by the end of 2015., cc Planet Labs, modified,,_Argentina_by_Planet_Labs.jpg

New energy paradigms demand new strategic commodities. This article examines factors impacting lithium supply over the next decade.

China’s Foreign Policy Adrift upon Rivers of Sand

China's Three Gorges Dam, cc Dan Kamminga from Haarlem, Netherlands, modified,

To understand China’s foreign policy toward India and bordering ASEAN countries, one must understand its national water crisis.

Brazil Charts an Economic Course out of the COVID-19 Pandemic

cc Rawlan1998, wikicommons, modified,

Assessing the strength of Brazil’s economy as it attempts to recover from COVID-19.

Zambia Becomes First Post-COVID Debt Default

cc Nicolas Raymond, modified, Flickr

Zambia is expected to become the first country to default on its debt since the COVID-19 epidemic hit. It likely won’t be the last.

Strategic Commodities 2.0: Global Lithium Demand

A lithium mine in Chile as seen from space, modified, cc NASA, public domain,

New energy paradigms demand new strategic commodities. First in a new series, this article examines factors impacting lithium demand over the next decade.

Turkey Grapples with (Another) Currency Crisis

cc, modified,

The lira is in free-fall, and this time it might take the Turkish banking system down with it.

China’s Yuan Along for the Ride in US Election Drama

Yuan2, cc Flickr David Dennis, modified,

China’s yuan has emerged as a global currency that is uniquely sensitive to the outcome of the US election.

Water Scarcity Monitor: Saudi Arabia, Spain, and Chile


Examining three of the most water-stressed countries in the world according to the World Resources Institute (WRI)

UN Arms Embargo on Iran Lifted

cc Hossein Velayati. modified,

Tehran is now free to engage in global arms markets. But is anyone buying?

COVID-19 Pushes Laos Further into China’s Economic Orbit

cc Flickr Christian Haugen, modified,

Already heavily indebted to Beijing over Belt and Road infrastructure projects, the economic hit from COVID-19 has pushed Laos further into China’s sphere of influence.

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