Food Protests Erupt in Iran

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Drought, global markets, and fiscal pressures are giving rise to a cost-of-living crisis in Iran, and it’s a risk that’s becoming increasingly common throughout the developing world as the Ukraine war drags on.

Sri Lanka Debt Crisis: New Trend in the Making?

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Sri Lanka isn’t the only developing economy under severe duress in the post-COVID global landscape.

Backgrounder: Evolution of Organized Crime in Mexico

Ceremonia de presentación y abanderamiento de la Nueva División de Gendarmería de la Policía Federal. Ciudad de México. 22 de agosto de 2014., Presidencia de la República Mexicana, modified,

Ad hoc policy responses on either side of the US border are frequently powerless in the face of the geopolitical, economic, and political forces fueling the rise of organized crime in Mexico.

Budapest, Belgrade, Kyiv and The Direction of Europe

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Early pan-European solidarity is showing signs of strain as the focus of the Ukraine war shifts toward the east.

Russia-Ukraine Conflict: Implications for Investors and Businesses in Vietnam

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How should the Vietnamese business community navigate the conflict in Ukraine?

Ending America’s Trade War with China Won’t Stop Inflation

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Tariffs are questionable economic policy, but their role in inflation is minimal.

Four Deaths and Still No Funeral? Germany and Nord Stream 2

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Nord Stream 2 is dead (again), but don’t expect the Kremlin to shed many tears.

Supply Chains, New Geographies and Canada

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Post-COVID reshuffles of global supply chains are giving rise to a new iteration of geopolitics.

The Limits of Hydropower in Laos

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Laos has reduced its reliance on fossil fuels by building dams on a mass scale, and aims to export the electricity generated to its neighbours. Yet the plan comes with economic and environmental risks.

Understanding the ‘Shiite Crescent’ as Iranian Grand Strategy

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Examining the ideological underpinnings, goals, and challenges concerning Iranian grand strategy, as understood by the desire to establish a ‘Shiite Crescent’ across the Greater Middle East.

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