Global Forecast (5-10-2021)


Inflation data in the United States, Bibi on the ropes in Israel, and signs of renewed violence in Afghanistan.

G7 Reinvents Itself as Democratic Bulwark in London

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The G7’s sprawling new communique portrays the bloc as a democratic bulwark against creeping authoritarianism.

Peru’s Voters Mull a Hard Left Turn

Peru Libre in 2014, cc Roy Cerrón Rojas, modified, wikicommons,

Decades of business-friendly politics may be coming to an abrupt end in Peru.

Global Forecast (5-3-2021)


Turkish military sets up shop in Iraqi Kurdistan, border clashes break out along Kyrgyzstan-Tajikistan border, and another Belt and Road deal is in the crosshairs in Australia.

Strategic Commodities 2.0: Global Lithium Demand

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New energy paradigms demand new strategic commodities. First in a new series, this article examines factors impacting lithium demand over the next decade.

Strategic Commodities 2.0: Global Uranium Supply & Demand

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Next in our series on strategic commodities we examine uranium, a key input in nuclear power generation that was included on the US Interior Department’s list of critical minerals.

Belt and Road Suffers Setbacks in Italy, Australia

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Two Western governments scuttled Belt and Road-linked deals this week. Is a trend in the making?

Joe Biden Can Learn from Indonesia’s Infrastructure Experience

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Infrastructure policy must address domestic productive capacity lest it seed future economic crises.

Strategic Commodities 2.0: Global Tin Supply & Demand

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Next in our series on strategic commodities we examine tin, a conflict mineral whose production is increasingly dominated by Asian states.

DRC Dreams of Cobalt Monopoly

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The Democratic Republic of Congo produces most of the world’s cobalt, but has little power over global prices. Kinshasa is working to change that.

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