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UNCLOS Ratification Issue Looms over US-ASEAN Summit

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What better way for the U.S. to bolster a ‘rules-based international order’ than to join with the 162 other countries that have adopted the UN Convention on the Law of the Sea (UNCLOS)?

Climate Change Accelerating US-Vietnam Strategic Cooperation

Construction of a wind farm in Tra Vinh province. October 17 2021. Photo: Phuc Son - VNA

Vietnam projects to be one of the most hard-hit countries by climate change, prompting Hanoi to get serious about transitioning its economy.

Ukraine War: Lessons Learned One Month On

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The war in Ukraine has now lasted one month. Even though a thick fog of propaganda spreads over the events, several lessons can be gleaned from the course of the battle so far.

Can Canadian Natural Gas Improve the European Union’s Energy Security?

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Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has prompted the EU to rethink its reliance on Russia for natural gas. If Canada is to be a viable alternative, it must deliver sizeable volumes of natural gas in a timely manner.

Foreign Volunteers: A Morale Booster in Ukraine

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Foreign fighters are helping to even the odds in what once seemed an impossible fight, and for that Ukrainians are grateful.

Russia-Ukraine Conflict: Implications for Investors and Businesses in Vietnam

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How should the Vietnamese business community navigate the conflict in Ukraine?

Ending America’s Trade War with China Won’t Stop Inflation

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Tariffs are questionable economic policy, but their role in inflation is minimal.

Four Deaths and Still No Funeral? Germany and Nord Stream 2

Nord Stream 2 construction materials, cc Gerd Fahrenhorst, modified,

Nord Stream 2 is dead (again), but don’t expect the Kremlin to shed many tears.

Supply Chains, New Geographies and Canada

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Post-COVID reshuffles of global supply chains are giving rise to a new iteration of geopolitics.

Outlook 2022: Oil Markets


News of oil’s death may well be premature.

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