Energy Security

US Lithium Industry: Thacker Pass

Silver Peak; the only active lithium mine in the United States; modified Coordenação-Geral de Observação da Terra/INPE, cc,,_Nevada,_USA.jpg

The story of Thacker Pass – the future jewel in the crown of the US lithium industry – illustrates many of the challenges in shoring up US supply lines of critical inputs for green technology.

Could Canadian Crude Improve European Energy Security?

Alberta Refinery

If Canada is to help improve European energy security amid the Ukraine war, it must start delivering crude oil to Europe immediately. But how viable are these deliveries given Canada's export focus on the United States?

Armenia-Azerbaijan Clashes Hint at New Order in South Caucasus

A Turkish-made Bayraktar TB2 drone; cc, modified,

New clashes over Nagorno-Karabakh suggest that Russian influence is breaking down in the South Caucasus, with long-term implications for the region.

Armenia Looks East, Azerbaijan Looks West: Unexpected Changes in the South Caucasus

cc The Presidential Press and Information Office's of Azerbaijan, modified,

Tracking the great power diplomacy of two countries situated on the emerging geopolitical fault line between the US- and China-led world.

Ukraine War Unsettles Proxies in Russia’s Backyard

cc, modified,

With the Ukraine war now dominating Moscow’s attention, longstanding geopolitical certainties are beginning to unravel in Georgia, Moldova, and Armenia.

Energy and Food Insecurity Will Outlive the Ukraine War

Ukraine ministry of defense, modified{%22fields%22:{%22filetype%22:%22bitmap%22}}#/media/File:Anti-terrorist_operation_in_eastern_Ukraine_(War_Ukraine)_(28390218675).jpg

Fallout from the Ukraine war is just one of many factors fueling energy and food insecurity, both of which are likely to linger long after the conflict is over.

Balkans Heatwave Underscores Climate Security Risks in Europe

cc modified,,,_Bosnia-Herzegovina,_June_5,_2012_120605-A-GO672-008.jpg, Bosnia and Herzegovina military firefighters react to a simulated wildfire during Shared Resilience 2012 in Capljina, Bosnia-Herzegovina, June 5, 2012. Shared Resilience is an annual U.S. European Command-sponsored, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff-directed regional and multilateral exercise designed to provide medical training and operational experience between the United States and partner nations. (U.S. Army photo by Sgt. Edwin Bridges/Released)

Timely climate-related assistance from Brussels today can help avoid a much worse and much more widespread continental crisis tomorrow.

Sudan Launches Border Strikes against Ethiopia

cc AMISOM Public Information, flickr, modified,

Recent border clashes in the disputed region of al-Fashaqa risk triggering a wider regional war.

The Evolution of Russia’s Ukraine Strategy

Orange Revolution in Ukraine, 2004; modified, cc Flickr neiljs,

The ongoing Ukraine War is the most recent phase of a gradual escalation that dates back to the 2004 Orange Revolution.

BIMP-EAGA: Bridging Middle East and Southeast Asia

ASEAN Flags, cc

ASEAN-Middle East trade connections continue to multiply, with many important discussions now taking place in the political and military spheres as well.

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