India’s Water Crisis: Beyond Chennai

A water truck in Kolhapur, Maharashtra; author: Arne Hückelheim, modified,

For India, the road to great power status is frought with critical water management challenges.

Backgrounder: Iran’s Military Strategy in the Persian Gulf

An S-300 anti-aircraft system missile launcher in a Russian military parade. , modified, cc SLonoed,

Iran’s military strategy calls for asymmetric warfare against a much more powerful foe in the United States, with a focus on increasing the military and economic costs of any potential conflict.

Backgrounder: Greek Elections

Kyriakos Mitsotakis, cc European People's Party, modified,

New Democracy has swept to power in the Greek elections. But will it be the same old story in austerity-plagued Athens?

New Leader Slate Finalized in EU

SD meeting with German MinDef, cc Flickr Archive: U.S. Secretary of Defense, modified,

After four summits and countless hours of closed-door negotiations, the new slate of leaders in Brussels is finally official.

Geopolitics and the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank

CNY, cc Flickr David Dennis, modified,

What is the geopolitical strategy underpinning China’s Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank?

Backgrounder: China’s Arctic Strategy

XueLong, cc Bahnfrend, modified,,_Fremantle,_2016_(4).jpg

Beijing isn’t letting geography get in the way of it establishing a robust presence in the next great frontier of geopolitical competition.

Cuba’s Intelligence Masterstroke in Venezuela

cc Beatrice Murch, flickr, modified,

The many accomplishments of Cuban intelligence in Venezuela stand as an instructive example of how a smaller agency can punch far above its weight.

Glacier Watch: Indus Basin


Pakistan’s water issues will go from bad to worse after glaciers in the Indus Basin pass the peak water mark later this century.

The EU Defense Industry: Background

cc Flickr 7th Army Training Command, modified,

So long as the EU defense industry is not the sum of its national parts, it will struggle to compete with giants like Russia and the United States.

Backgrounder: EU Arm Sales to Asia

EurofighterTyphoon, cc Flickr Max Pfandl, modified,

With security planning and arms sales continuing to fall outside the purview of EU policy, various member states have been cashing in on the Asian arms race.

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