Continuity and Change in the Rise of Brazil

cc Andre Gustavo Stumpf Filho, modified,

Assessing the geopolitical circumstances surrounding Brazil’s potential rise as a great power.

Germany’s Geopolitics at a Crossroads

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Can Germany continue its historical balancing act between East and West amid growing bifurcation of the global system?

Understanding the ‘Shiite Crescent’ as Iranian Grand Strategy

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Examining the ideological underpinnings, goals, and challenges concerning Iranian grand strategy, as understood by the desire to establish a ‘Shiite Crescent’ across the Greater Middle East.

Strategic Commodities 2.0: Global Lithium Supply

A vehicle in one of Chile's salt flats. cc Diego Delso, modified,,_Chile,_2016-02-08,_DD_01.JPG

New energy paradigms demand new strategic commodities. This article examines factors impacting lithium supply over the next decade.

Could Canadian Crude Improve European Energy Security?

Alberta Refinery

If Canada is to help improve European energy security amid the Ukraine war, it must start delivering crude oil to Europe immediately. But how viable are these deliveries given Canada's export focus on the United States?

Ukraine and the Shifting Geopolitics of the Heartland

Simbirsk zasechnaya cherta (Simbirskaya, Saranskaya, Karsunskaya, Penzenskaya defense lines). Fragment from: First official geographic atlas of the Russian Empire (1745). Map of Kazan governorate, nearest provinces and part of Volga river. Hand-coloured copper engraving. /

The Ukraine war could shatter some of the long-standing assumptions of Mackinder’s Heartland Theory, with major ramifications for Europe’s future.

The Ukraine War Enters a New Phase

cc, modified,

Sweeping victories for Ukraine are raising questions about the effectiveness of the Russian military.

Japan: An Empire Reawakened?

(Color)  Surrender of Japan, Tokyo Bay, 2 September 1945

Growing multipolarity in the international system raises some interesting questions for Japanese foreign policy going forward. Is Tokyo about to step out of Washington’s shadow?

Assessing Potential Outcomes of the Ukraine War

cc Ministry of Defense Ukraine, modified,{%22fields%22:{%22filetype%22:%22bitmap%22}}#/media/File:Anti-terrorist_operation_in_eastern_Ukraine_(War_Ukraine)_(26501152874).jpg

All potential outcomes point to the same fact: the Ukraine war has changed modern geopolitics.

Turkey as an Aspiring Great Power

cc ccarlstead, modified,

The remaking of the post-Cold War global order will inevitably create winners and losers, and Turkey is one state that’s well-placed to benefit from the transition.

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