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Geopoliticalmonitor.com provides researchers, scholars, and practitioners active in global affairs with a forum to publish analysis on geopolitical issues.

We invite interested writers to make high-quality submissions relating to the themes we seek to address including military, political, economic and environmental issues with global significance.

Articles must take the form of situation reports, forecasts, backgrounders, or editorials that seek to analyze and predict the course of world events. Submissions will be assessed on the basis of how well they adhere to the formats outlined below. While we review all submissions, not every submission will be published.


Situation Report (600-2,000 words)

A situation report takes one pertinent geopolitical topic or issue and analyzes it from all possible angles. This is the most common type of submission we receive at Geopoliticalmonitor.com, as it tends to mirror a normal research report. A good situation report will leave its readers fully informed about the political, economic, and/or military impact of a salient international event.


Weekly Forecaster (500-1,500 words)

A weekly forecaster provides the same analysis of a situation report, but it goes a step further by predicting the likely course of future events based on the current situation. These articles tend to come from veteran analysts who are able to leverage their experience and expertise to trace the future arc of history.


Backgrounder (1,200-3,500 words)

While the weekly forecaster is future oriented, the backgrounder concerns itself mostly with the past. These articles aim to inform the reader about the historical processes behind contemporary headlines, whether in the form of past conflicts, important actors, or socioeconomic influences. Backgrounders can delve into exceedingly complex issues, so they tend to be more academic in tone than situation reports or weekly forecasters.


Editorial (500-1,500 words)

Though Geopoliticalmonitor.com accepts fewer editorials than the above mentioned analysis-based articles, there are always a few submissions that are too good to ignore. To ensure that yours is one of them, stick to a fact-based argument that avoids polemics or incendiary language.


Formatting and Editorial Notes


  • Geopoliticalmonitor.com adheres to the Chicago Manual of Style on questions of spelling, formatting, and grammar.
  • We ask that submissions include hyperlinked references whenever possible, as this greatly helps our own in-house fact-checking process.
  • All submissions should be single-spaced, Microsoft Word (doc/docx) attached to an email and not pasted into the message body.
  • Submissions can include a preferred headline but we reserve the right to change it prior to publication.
  • Please only submit articles that have not been published elsewhere.


Though we are happy to consider any suitable article for publication, we do not remunerate for unprompted outside submissions.  Please send all editorial-related inquiries and submissions to: editor [AT] geopoliticalmonitor.com.

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