Does Afghanistan Present a New Opportunity for the Quad?

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If the Quad wants to operationalize its multilateralism in a way that doesn’t directly antagonize China, then Afghanistan would be a good place to start.

Amid Resurgent Violence, France Suspends Aid to Central African Republic

cc Flickr U.S. Army Southern European Task Force, Africa, modified, Burundi soldiers prepare to load onto a C-17 Globemaster Dec. 13, 2013 at Bujmumbura Airport, Burundi. In coordination with the French military and African Union, the U.S. military provided airlift support to transport Burundi soldiers, food and supplies in the Central African Republic (CAR). This support is aimed at enabling African forces to deploy promptly to prevent further spread of sectarian violence and restore security in CAR. (U.S. Air Force photo by Staff Sgt. Erik Cardenas)

Has Russia prevailed in its longstanding diplomatic tug-of-war with France?

Why Mexican Cyber-Cartels Threaten U.S. National Security

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Mexican cartels are taking a page from Silicon Valley in their efforts to disrupt conventional law enforcement techniques using emerging tech like ransomware and cryptocurrencies.

Backgrounder: G7 Summit in Cornwall, UK

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Examining key announcements surrounding this weekend’s G7 summit in the United Kingdom.

Global Forecast (6-13-2021)


Rising shipping costs add to inflation worries, Iran presidential elections unlikely to bring any surprises, and NATO leaders gather in Brussels for the Alliance’s first summit of the Biden era.

New Party, Old Hurdles: Cambodian Opposition Struggles to Bounce Back

Opposition supporters wave national flags of some Western countries who were signatory parties to the 22 year old Paris Peace Agreement, Phnom Penh, Oct 24, 2013. (Heng Reaksmey/VOA Khmer), cc Heng Reaksmey, modified,

Several senior ex-officials of the dissolved CNRP have joined a new party. Yet given Prime Minister Hun Sen’s record of stifling opponents, their chances of electoral success are slim.

US-China Rivalry a Foreign Policy Headache for Bangladesh

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Despite courting from Beijing and Washington, Bangladesh is unlikely to deviate from its longstanding commitment to non-alignment.

Hungary: Authoritarianism by Another Name?

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What Prime Minister Viktor Orbán terms ‘illiberal democracy’ is starting to look a lot like blatant authoritarianism.

Global Forecast (5-31-2021)


The COVID-19 pandemic bifurcates between vaccinated and unvaccinated populations, Netanyahu faces another moment of reckoning in Israel, and China’s yuan hits multi-year highs in May.

Belarus, Brussels, and the Rebirth of History

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Minsk has calculated that there’s nothing the EU can do to hurt Lukashenko regime, and it’s probably correct.

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