Backgrounder: Turkey’s Safe Zone in Syria


The shifting geopolitics of the Ukraine war have helped to resurrect President Erdogan’s longstanding plan of establishing a sprawling ‘safe zone’ along the border in Syria.

Armenia: Geography as Geopolitical Kryptonite

Arian Zwegers, cc , modified, Arian Zwegers

With few reliable allies to back it up, Armenia has become the centerpiece of a new great power dynamic that is emerging in Eurasia.

Lend-Lease: The Answer to Europe’s Long Winter Ahead?

cc ERAKU, modified,

Lend-Lease saved the UK and arguably the Soviet Union during WW2, and now it might be considered once more to secure the future of NATO in Eastern Europe.

The EU and Poland’s Struggle over Rule of Law

cc Pawel Kabanski, modified,

Warsaw must honour its commitments to Brussels so that it can continue to guide the coming hours in Europe.

Sri Lanka: No Recovery without Accountability

cc Vikalpa | Groundviews | Maatram | CPA from Sri Lanka, modified,

Sri Lanka must confront its past if it is to have a future.

Russia’s Strategy to Destabilize the Balkans Is Working

cc, modified, meeting between Vucic and Putin at Kremlin in 2018

The Kremlin is nurturing division throughout the region and threatening the delicate stability that has prevailed since the bloody break-up of Yugoslavia.

Invading Taiwan Is No Easy Task for Beijing

cc 總統府, modified,

Invading Taiwan would involve a host of political and military risks for the Chinese Communist Party, suggesting that it’s still unlikely to occur in the immediate future.

Kazakhstan-Azerbaijan: The Axis of the Middle Corridor

cc Kabelleger / David Gubler (, modified,

The Ukraine war has put a premium on alternate trade routes across the Eurasian landmass, and the Trans-Caspian International Trade Route (TITR), or ‘Middle Corridor,’ is one example.

Islamic State’s Primed for Resurgence in Syria

SDF fighters during the Battle of Raqqa, cc Mahmoud Bali (VOA), modified,

An ongoing low-level insurgency attests to the fact that Islamic State was never fully wiped out in Syria.

Taiwan’s Status Quo Buckles under Pelosi Visit

USS Ronald Reagan, modified,, cc US Navy

A tense visit from US Speaker Nancy Pelosi is serving to underline how longstanding certainties no longer hold true in the Taiwan Strait.

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