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Obstacles and Opportunities on the Long Road to Peace in Afghanistan

cc Flickr ResoluteSupportMedia, modified,, GHŌR, Afghanistan (May 28, 2012) – A member of the Afghanistan National Security Force loads a weapons cache onto the back of a pick-up truck. The weapons were turned in by former Taliban fighters in order to join the Afghanistan Peace and Reintegration Program. (Department of Defense photograph by Lt. j. g. Joe Painter/RELEASED)

Peace talks represent a significant achievement. Nevertheless, there are a number of political roadblocks to overcome—as well as fresh opportunities for Afghans and external actors.

NATO Arms Sales to Turkey and the Eastern Mediterranean Dispute

REUTERS/Osman Orsal, CC Google Images, Modified,,

Is NATO accentuating its own internal cleavages by continuing to supply Turkey with weapons?

Examining Malaysia’s Evolving Policy toward the South China Sea

190409-N-RI884-2162, CC Flickr, Naval Surface Warriors, Modified,

Malaysia’s note verbale on the South China Sea remains bland and watered down due to domestic issues. But the new Malaysian government has no choice but to embark into tumultuous diplomatic waters.

Azerbaijan–Turkey Strategic Alliance Deepens amid Recent Conflicts

cc Flickr Dave_S., modifed,

Bolstered by common interests and security threats, Baku and Ankara are moving ever closer together.

Is Bangladesh Pivoting from India toward the China-Pakistan Nexus?

cc Narendra Modi, modified,

Recent events seem to suggest that Bangladesh is moving closer to China and Pakistan, potentially furthering the geopolitical encirclement of India.

Thailand’s Student Protestors Take On Military and the Monarchy

Democracy Monument, Cc Flickr, Opal Lee, Modified,,

Thanks to a broad anti-government pro-democracy youth movement, risky calls to reform the Thai monarchy are breaking new ground.

CPEC & State Capture in Pakistan

Lahore, CC Flickr, Umair Khan, Modified,,

The Pakistani military’s creeping influence over the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) could be a case of history repeating.

Russian Arms Sales to Armenia and Their Geopolitical Effects

Saint Petersburg, Russia, cc Flickr, Ninara, modified,,

In tilting too far in favor of Armenia, Russia risks losing its longstanding influence over Azerbaijan.

Beyond the Narrative of Progress in Myanmar’s Panglong Peace Initiative

Myanmar, CC Flickr, Toozler, Modified,

With a national election fast approaching, barriers to peace remain in Myanmar’s ethnic borderlands.

A Little Bit of History Repeating? Thai Students and Revolution

Thai protests in 2013, cc ilf_, modified,,_1_December_2013.jpg

Are events in Thailand just a little bit of history repeating or do they portend major change?

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