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Madagascar: The World’s First Climate-Induced Famine?

exploring portions of Isalo National this a Locust, cc Flickr Murray Foubister, modified,

Shifts in long-established weather patterns are contributing to a brewing humanitarian crisis in southern Madagascar.

Euro Zone Inflation Hits 30-Year High


As prices surge across the bloc, will the ECB budge on its dovish projections?

EU’s Global Gateway Takes Aim at Belt and Road

cc Flickr Kancelaria Premiera, modified,

Weighing in at over 300 billion euros, Global Gateway is no slouch. However, key questions remain surrounding Europe’s answer to Belt and Road.

Ukraine Flashes another Warning Sign

cc Flickr Ministry of Defense of Ukraine, modified,

President Zelenskiy’s revelation of a foiled coup plot adds to a growing body of evidence that an invasion of Ukraine could be imminent.

Germany Enters the Post-Merkel Era

cc Heinrich-Böll-Stiftung, Flickr, modified,

The SDP-Greens-FDP coalition has laid out a policy framework that envisions significant changes in Germany’s domestic and foreign policies.

Extremes Face Off in Second Round of Chile Election

Mediabanco Agencia, cc Flickr, modified,

Chileans will choose between two starkly different economic visions on December 19 – a contest that will be watched closely by global mining giants.

The Limits of Hydropower in Laos

Dam construction for energy supply in the lower reaches of the Nam Ou, cc Tbachner , modified,

Laos has reduced its reliance on fossil fuels by building dams on a mass scale, and aims to export the electricity generated to its neighbours. Yet the plan comes with economic and environmental risks.

The Geopolitics of the Sudan Coup

On 7 April 2019, the second day of the sit-in, protestors were gathering infront of the Military Headquarter chanting for freedom, piece, and justice. People in the crowd told each other to turn on their phone torches., cc Ola A .Alsheikh, modified,

Examining internal and external forces at work in the latest military coup in Sudan.

AUKUS and France as an Indo-Pacific Power

cc Flickr Official U.S. Navy Page, modified,

The AUKUS alliance has chipped away at the pillars holding up French power projection in the Indo-Pacific.

Agricultural Commodity Prices Surge through 2021


Weather, supply chain shortages, and geopolitics are combining to drive up prices for major agricultural exports around the world.

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