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FLASH: Vulnerable Emerging Markets

Sao_Paulo_Stock_Exchange, cc Rafael Matsunaga, modified, Wikicommons,

Looking beyond Turkey, here are a few vulnerable emerging markets to keep an eye on.

The Turkey Contagion Threat

5000_TL_obverse, Central Bank of Turkey, modified,, public domain

Tracking the global market reaction to Turkey’s currency crisis with one overriding question in mind: How big is the contagion threat?

US-Turkey Relations Placed on Life Support

President_Donald_J._Trump_and_President_Recep_Tayyip_Erdoğan_of_Turkey_at_the_United_Nations_General_Assembly_(36747062744), modified, White House, public domain,

All it took was one tweet from President Trump to ignite the tinderbox of US-Turkey relations and send the Turkish economy reeling.

Bolton Gets Real on North Korea

Bolton, cc Flickr Gage Skidmore, modified,

US National Security Advisor John Bolton finally said what no one is willing to admit: North Korea just isn’t taking any necessary steps toward denuclearization.

Is Kenya Falling into the China Debt Trap?

KENYA, Mombasa: Photograph taken by the Kenyan Ministry of East African Affairs, Commerce and Tourism (MEAACT) 31 July shows officials walking inside Mombasa Port on Kenya's Indian Ocean coast. MANDATORY CREDIT: MEAACT PHOTO / STUART PRICE. , modified

A spike in bilateral and commercial lending have some worried that Kenya may go the route of Sri Lanka and cede a geopolitical asset to China over unpayable debts.

Student Demonstrations in Dhaka

BangladeshTraffic, cc Flickr Francisco Anzola, modified,

What started as a protest over road safety could transform into something else entirely in Bangladesh.

Has the Islamic State Threat Bypassed India?

ModiPutinVisit,, modified,

India’s security and intelligence communities have remained one step ahead of Islamic State so far. But has the threat actually passed?

Beyond Economics: The Political Risks of a US-China Trade War

MaerskLine, cc Flickr kees torn, modified,

How Marshall Sahlins’ Stone Age Economics can help us better understand the brewing US-China trade war.

South China Sea Dispute: Indonesia


In the fourth article of our series on South China Sea claimants, we examine the historical reasoning, diplomacy, and military dimensions of Indonesia’s claim.

Buhari’s Star Losing Its Shine ahead of Nigeria Elections

NigeriaRex, cc Flickr U.S. Department of State, modified,

Fending off criticism over corruption, his poor health, and a worsening national security outlook, President Buhari’s path to reelection in February is anything but assured.

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