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Ethiopia’s Geopolitical Ambitions Could Bring about Its Downfall


Ethiopia faces a variety of long-term environmental and societal challenges. Building a Navy won’t help solve any of them.

South China Sea Dispute: Malaysia

VinsonVietnam, USS Carl Vinson docks in Vietnam's Da Nang port. CC Official U.S. Navy Page Flickr, modified,

In the third article of our series on South China Sea claimants, we examine the historical reasoning, diplomacy, and military dimensions of Malaysia’s claim.

Backgrounder: Myanmar’s Kyaukpyu Port


Will Kyaukpyu Port take its place among other One Belt One Road megaprojects like Gwadar and Hambantota?

Controlling the Heights: Great Power Competition in Nepal


One thing is clear from recent shifts in Nepalese politics: India can no longer take Nepal for granted.

Trump-Kim Summit Recap

cc Flickr National Museum of the U.S. Navy, modified,

The summit’s only surprise came in the form of an unforced error from the US side.

FLASH: Emerging Markets Reeling from Investor Flight to Safety

Sao_Paulo_Stock_Exchange, cc Flickr Rafael Matsunaga, modified,

Developing market currencies are tumbling around the world as investors pull out in favor of safer returns in the United States and elsewhere.

Will the IMF Rescue Macri’s ‘Gradual Austerity’ in Argentina?

Macri, cc Flickr Gobierno de la Ciudad de Buenos Aires, modified,

Argentinian President Mauricio Macri talked the talk of market liberalization, but his government has walked right into another IMF bailout.

Jordan Protests Threaten to Disrupt a Key US Ally in the Middle East

JordanProt, cc Ali Saadi, modified,,_June_2018.jpg

Prime Minister Hani al-Mulki has resigned but the protests rage on. Should King Abdullah II be worried?

Pakistan Teeters on the Brink of Economic Crisis

PakistanRupee, cc Abbas dhothar , modified,

In an echo of the country’s brush with catastrophe in 2013, Pakistan is once again hurtling toward a currency crisis.

Turkey Joins the Great Power Club Vying for Influence in the Western Balkans

by virtue of Republic of Kosovo Law No. 04/L-065 on Copyright and Related Rights of 2011 works of public bodies are in the public domain. see also the copyright notice,120

Turkey is reestablishing ties in a frontier of the former Ottoman Empire, but in the Western Balkans it finds a field that’s already crowded with outside powers vyign for influence.

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