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G7 Reinvents Itself as Democratic Bulwark in London

cc Boris Johnson twitter, modified, OGL,

The G7’s sprawling new communique portrays the bloc as a democratic bulwark against creeping authoritarianism.

Peru’s Voters Mull a Hard Left Turn

Peru Libre in 2014, cc Roy Cerrón Rojas, modified, wikicommons,

Decades of business-friendly politics may be coming to an abrupt end in Peru.

Inflationary Signs Mount in Post-COVID Economic Normalization

cc Flickr U.S. Department of Agriculture, modified,

Are rising prices temporary normalization pains, or a new normal in the making?

India Shows COVID-19 Pandemic Far from Over

cc Wikicommons Sumita Roy Dutta, modified,

Variants have altered the COVID risk dynamic, and emerging economies are uniquely vulnerable to severe outbreaks. This article highlights some of the most at-risk countries.

London Meetings Hint at Democratic Rebrand of G7

Joe Biden in virtual G7 meeting earlier this year; cc White House, modified, public domain,

One of the world’s least consequential multilateral groupings is getting a democratic makeover as the G7’s first high-level head-to-head meetings in two years take place in London.

An Upset in the Making? Greens Pull Ahead of Merkel’s CDU

cc Flickr Bündnis 90/Die Grünen No, modified,

With disaffected CDU voters flocking to the Greens in droves, the September election appears to be wide open.

Population Decline: The New Normal in China’s Demographics?

cc Flickr timquijano, modified,

China’s demographic decline is a tale long foretold, but it was never meant to happen quite so soon.

From Bangkok to Nong Khai: China’s Thai Railway Vision Edges Forward

cc Flickr Clay Gilliland, modiifed,

Plans for a high-speed rail line from Bangkok to the Laotian border are moving forward after Thailand signed construction contracts for phase one of the project with Chinese state-owned firms.

Belt and Road Suffers Setbacks in Italy, Australia

cc Flickr EU2017EE Estonian Presidency, modiifed,

Two Western governments scuttled Belt and Road-linked deals this week. Is a trend in the making?

Quetta Hotel Attack: CPEC in the Pakistan Taliban’s Crosshairs?

Photo from the aftermath of a 2016 bombing attack in Quetta. modified, cc Voice of America,

Was the targeting of China’s ambassador a coincidence, or does it represent a change of tact on the part of the Pakistan Taliban?

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