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Petropolitics 101: The Case of Guyana

Bohrinsel Curacao, cc Flickr dronepicr, modified,

Guyana failed to evade the “resource curse” once. Will it happen again?

Corruption and Sectarianism Sinking PM Hopefuls in Iraq

IraqProtests2, unknown author,

The old guard has yet to moot a palatable candidate for the young Iraqis demanding change.

Freedom House 2020: Africa in Freefall?

SOMALIA, Mogadishu: In a photograph released by the African Union-United Nations Information Support Team 25 March, a woman holds the Somali flag at Mogadishu International Airport during a ceremony held to recieve the casket containing the body of fomer Somali president Abdullahi Yusuf Ahmed who died aged 77 on Friday at a hospital in the Gulf State of Abu Dhabi. AU-UN IST PHOTO / STUART PRICE. / SomaliFlag, cc Flickr, modified, AMISOM Public Information, public domain

Democracy continues to backslide on the African continent.

Quetta Attack: An Outgrowth of Sectarian Conflict or a New Target of ISKP?

Pakistan Flag, cc Nicholas Raymond, modified,

Assessing the usual terrorist suspects behind a recent suicide bombing in Quetta.

COVID-19: Economic Impact Round-up (3-25-2020)

COVID19-roundup, cc Flickr Studio Incendo, modified,

Recounting global disruptions from the COVID-19 outbreak, along with the growing list of government stimulus initiatives deployed to mitigate them.

Strong USD Spells Trouble for Borrowers in Emerging Markets

USDollar, cc Flickr frankieleon, modified,

A strong USD could savage those who borrowed heavily in the currency, whether a state-owned corporation like Mexico’s Pemex or a resource-dependent sovereign like Nigeria.

Russia’s ‘National Projects’ in Need of a Lift

Logo of the National Projects fund in Russia,, modified

A Keynesian stimulus program has been beset by delays and the private sector’s reluctance to get involved.

South Asia Braces for COVID-19 Lockdown

India COVID, Press Information Office, government of India, modified,

The region’s leaders are about to face the ultimate test.

Ethiopia: COVID-19 & Constitutional Crisis

EthiopiaFlag, cc Flickr John Iglar, modified,

Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed must stem the spread of both COVID-19 and ethnic strife if his new Prosperity Party is to prevail in this year’s elections.

COVID-19: Make or Break Time for the Euro

euro, cc Flickr Enrico Matteucci, modified,

The Greek sovereign debt crisis left cracks in the foundation of the grand experiment of the euro. Will COVID-19 pry them open?

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