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The EU and Poland’s Struggle over Rule of Law

cc Pawel Kabanski, modified,

Warsaw must honour its commitments to Brussels so that it can continue to guide the coming hours in Europe.

Backgrounder: Turkey’s Safe Zone in Syria


The shifting geopolitics of the Ukraine war have helped to resurrect President Erdogan’s longstanding plan of establishing a sprawling ‘safe zone’ along the border in Syria.

Russia’s Strategy to Destabilize the Balkans Is Working

cc, modified, meeting between Vucic and Putin at Kremlin in 2018

The Kremlin is nurturing division throughout the region and threatening the delicate stability that has prevailed since the bloody break-up of Yugoslavia.

India’s Challenge to Belt and Road in Asia

Chabahar Port, cc Beluchistan, modified,

Though New Delhi can’t match Beijing dollar-for-dollar, the Indian foreign policy establishment is doing everything it can to ensure that Belt and Road does not go unchallenged in Central and Southeast Asia.

Islamic State’s Primed for Resurgence in Syria

SDF fighters during the Battle of Raqqa, cc Mahmoud Bali (VOA), modified,

An ongoing low-level insurgency attests to the fact that Islamic State was never fully wiped out in Syria.

Balkans Heatwave Underscores Climate Security Risks in Europe

cc modified,,,_Bosnia-Herzegovina,_June_5,_2012_120605-A-GO672-008.jpg, Bosnia and Herzegovina military firefighters react to a simulated wildfire during Shared Resilience 2012 in Capljina, Bosnia-Herzegovina, June 5, 2012. Shared Resilience is an annual U.S. European Command-sponsored, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff-directed regional and multilateral exercise designed to provide medical training and operational experience between the United States and partner nations. (U.S. Army photo by Sgt. Edwin Bridges/Released)

Timely climate-related assistance from Brussels today can help avoid a much worse and much more widespread continental crisis tomorrow.

Taiwan’s Status Quo Buckles under Pelosi Visit

USS Ronald Reagan, modified,, cc US Navy

A tense visit from US Speaker Nancy Pelosi is serving to underline how longstanding certainties no longer hold true in the Taiwan Strait.

Poland: Europe’s Newest Military Superpower?

cc Radek Kucharski, modified,

Poland has emerged on the forefront of a general trend of remilitarization in Europe.

The ‘Goebbels Method’: RIA Novosti as Window into Russian Propaganda

cc, modified,

The evolution of Nazi-related terms in domestic-targeted state media provides a window into how Russia has built up a startlingly effective messaging apparatus.

Torture Methods in Russia’s Prison Complex

cc Flickr Jasmine Halki, modified,

An examination of torture methods in the Russian prison system, as gleaned from a data subset from

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