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Afghanistan’s Fate Will Be Shaped by Geoeconomics

Operation Enduring Freedom

Three geoeconomic factors will determine the future of Taliban-controlled Afghanistan: opium, natural resources, and regional trade networks.

Europe’s Energy Crisis Goes from Bad to Worse

cc ruben van eijk, Flickr, modified,

Record-high natural gas prices have European consumers hoping for a mild winter.

Is the Australia-UK-USA Trilateral Security Partnership (AUKUS) a Gamechanger?

Pictured is HMS Ambush returning to HMNB Clyde in Scotland., cc Flickr Defence Images,

The pact is notable in its shift from style to substance in US-led efforts to counter China in the Indo-Pacific.

Evergrande: China’s Property Goliath Teeters on the Brink

Tianjin Skyline in 2008 cc Flickr Jakob Montrasio,,

What does too-big-to-fail with Chinese characteristics look like? Evergrande could be just that.

Nickel Prices Recover, Seek Out New Highs


Supply concerns seem to be trumping fears of technological disruptions, with an EV-driven demand boom looming on the horizon.

What Does a Taliban-Controlled Afghanistan Mean for India’s Foreign Policy?

cc G20 Argentina, modified,

The Taliban takeover of Afghanistan reshuffles the geopolitical deck in Central Asia, leaving India with what appears to be a losing hand.

ECB Moves to Scale Back COVID-Era Bond Buying


Citing improved growth and rising inflation, the ECB moved to scale back its bond purchases. But don’t call it a taper.

Guinea Coup: Geopolitical Repercussions Abound for Chinese Industry


A military coup in one small West African country risks significant economic repercussions for China.

Russia Central Bank Sounds Alarm on Inflation


The Bank of Russia’s latest monetary policy forecast raises a novel possibility: What if the present inflationary trend isn’t temporary at all?

SNAPSHOT: China Trade Data Beats Expectations


Christmas seems to have come early, lifting China exports to record highs and brushing away fears of a Delta hangover.

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