Madagascar: The World’s First Climate-Induced Famine?

exploring portions of Isalo National Park...is this a Locust, cc Flickr Murray Foubister, modified, https://flickr.com/photos/mfoubister/33493263118/in/photolist-2jeVx17-2m9XtFH-8FXxxi-8G1FMw-8FXw2k-6eC3UC-aeDD4J-Lvhk3r-LomMQV-L4QdGs-L4Qqwj-L4QmdE-L4Qro9-LvhevK-LomLuD-6euaDL-6euaE3-72x9Hd-jqAxzc-dRvT3s-6euaDQ-6euaDS-6euaEj-6euaEh-dRvQVA-T2FJeL

Shifts in long-established weather patterns are contributing to a brewing humanitarian crisis in southern Madagascar.

COP26: A Setback for Climate Justice in Africa

cc Flickr IAEA Imagebank, modified, https://flickr.com/photos/iaea_imagebank/51654919474/in/photolist-2mGyXVU-2mHobK5-2mHodR4-2mHb9U6-2mHto74-2mGzX5e-2mGrmH6-2mGzX8W-2mGyYjV-2mEbECx-2mEdSNg-2mEeVDA-2mEdSJZ-2mEeVzN-2mEaxfB-2mEdSJt-2mGzW8V-2mGwDRF-2mGvvJi-2mGvvQL-2mGwEHW-2mGrmCS-2mGrmpW-2mG9LH6-2mGwEsf-2mGrmyy-2mGyYJx-2mHvRbm-2mGvx7D-2mGrkNq-2mGzXtA-2mGrmo3-2mF4vLk-2mGwDN4-2mGLz6X-2mGwDDX-2mGvwXL-2mGwE94-2mGwEbi-2mGZ4Er-2mGyZmu-2mGRs2V-2mGzWXq-2mGwEfM-2mGwEe4-2mGwDY9-2mH15gv-2mGyXQP-2mGVzWt-2mGz26g

COP26 laid bare the lack of commitment to Africa when dealing with the climate crisis.

Vietnam Faces Watershed Moment ahead of COP26

Many roads are flooded in Ho Chi Minh City because the high tide is at its peak. Credit: Hong Giang - Vietnam News Agency. / Thành phố Hồ Chí Minh: Nhiều tuyến đường ngập s

For a sense of the stakes involved at the upcoming COP26 climate conference, look no further than Ho Chi Minh City’s fight against rising seawaters.

Global Forecast (10-25-2021)


A major lapse of the ‘ASEAN way,’ COVID-19 spreads in China , and Evergrande lives to fight another day.

India’s Act East Policy: Warning to China or Flawed Strategy?

CC Presidencia de la República Mexicana, modified, https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Visita_Primer_Ministro_de_la_Rep%C3%BAblica_de_la_India,_Narendra_Modi_(27277251430).jpg

Modi’s Act East Policy has boosted naval capacity and morale, but fallen short on overland connectivity and trade promotion.

Timeline: The Downward Spiral of China-Australia Relations

Prime Minister and Andrew Robb signing the Free Trade Agreement with Chinese President Xi and Minister for Commerce Gao Hucheng., 2014, cc Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade website – www.dfat.gov.au, modified 0 https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Abbott_and_Robb_signing_the_Free_Trade_Agreement_with_Chinese_President_Xi_and_Minister_for_Commerce_Gao_Hucheng_November_2014.jpg

Chronicling the events that led to the present low point in China-Australia relations.

Strategic Commodities 2.0: Global Uranium Supply & Demand

cc Achilaos, wikicommons, modified, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?title=Special:Search&limit=500&offset=0&ns0=1&ns6=1&ns14=1&search=nuclear+power+plant#/media/File:Leibstadt_AG_-_Nuclear_Power_Plant_-_02.jpg

Next in our series on strategic commodities we examine uranium, a key input in nuclear power generation that was included on the US Interior Department’s list of critical minerals.

Protests, Shortages amid Record Mideast Heatwave

GPM Iran-Iraq Water Stress - Aqueduct

A brutal heatwave is exacerbating resource shortages and fueling sectarian conflict in Iran and Iraq.

Winds of Change: Vietnam’s Transition from Fossil Fuels to Renewables

Overall view of Dau Tieng Solar Power Project, Vietnam, cc WikiCommons TammyLe, modified, https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:DAU_TIENG_PROJECT_BIRDSIGHT.jpg

Vietnam is harnessing a grassroots desire for green energy to enact a slow but steady transition away from coal-based electricity generation.

Backgrounder: G7 Summit in Cornwall, UK

cc President Joe Biden, modified, https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Leaders_group_photo_at_47th_G7_Summit.jpg

Examining key announcements surrounding this weekend’s G7 summit in the United Kingdom.

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