Lend-Lease: The Answer to Europe’s Long Winter Ahead?

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Lend-Lease saved the UK and arguably the Soviet Union during WW2, and now it might be considered once more to secure the future of NATO in Eastern Europe.

Are Sanctions the Answer in Ransomware Prevention?

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The recent decline in ransomware attacks suggests that targeted sanctions, consistently and internationally applied, may degrade the ability of cybercriminals to mount ransomware operations.

Sri Lanka: No Recovery without Accountability

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Sri Lanka must confront its past if it is to have a future.

India’s Challenge to Belt and Road in Asia

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Though New Delhi can’t match Beijing dollar-for-dollar, the Indian foreign policy establishment is doing everything it can to ensure that Belt and Road does not go unchallenged in Central and Southeast Asia.

Energy and Food Insecurity Will Outlive the Ukraine War

Ukraine ministry of defense, modified{%22fields%22:{%22filetype%22:%22bitmap%22}}#/media/File:Anti-terrorist_operation_in_eastern_Ukraine_(War_Ukraine)_(28390218675).jpg

Fallout from the Ukraine war is just one of many factors fueling energy and food insecurity, both of which are likely to linger long after the conflict is over.

Kazakhstan-Azerbaijan: The Axis of the Middle Corridor

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The Ukraine war has put a premium on alternate trade routes across the Eurasian landmass, and the Trans-Caspian International Trade Route (TITR), or ‘Middle Corridor,’ is one example.

Taiwan’s Status Quo Buckles under Pelosi Visit

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A tense visit from US Speaker Nancy Pelosi is serving to underline how longstanding certainties no longer hold true in the Taiwan Strait.

Can Sri Lanka Be Stabilized over the Short-Term?

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A new president brings a fresh start, but given the numerous economic problems facing the island nation, no one should be expecting a long honeymoon period.

Germany’s Geopolitics at a Crossroads

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Can Germany continue its historical balancing act between East and West amid growing bifurcation of the global system?

Turkey as an Aspiring Great Power

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The remaking of the post-Cold War global order will inevitably create winners and losers, and Turkey is one state that’s well-placed to benefit from the transition.

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