Africa’s Economic Challenges as It Combats COVID-19

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With the West largely absent, Africa is turning to China and Eastern Europe for help recovering from COVID-19.

Russia’s Military Modernization: Prevailing in Limited Conflicts

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Russia’s ongoing military modernization has increased the country’s conventional capabilities – but only to a point.

Washington Slow to Connect Its Blue Dot Network

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If it is ever to rival China’s Belt and Road Initiative, the Blue Dot Network has a lot of catching up to do.

Nigeria’s Gas: Relief or Redux for the Resource Sector?

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A global crisis – this time the COVID-19 pandemic – has once again underscored the dangers of Nigeria’s economic overreliance on oil.

COVID-19 Update: Brazil

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Brazil now has the third-most active cases in the world, behind only Russia and the United States

China Turns the Economic Screws on Australia over COVID-19 Inquiry

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A new dynamic is emerging in China-Australia relations: Beijing brandishing the economic stick whenever Canberra steps out of line.

EU Enlargement and the Geopolitical Battleground of the Balkans

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The EU’s glacial enlargement process may fall foul to outside geopolitical players in the Western Balkans.

Australia and New Zealand Commit to Multi-State ‘Bubble’

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Australia and New Zealand have committed to opening up their borders to each other, and it’s possible this ‘bubble’ could be expanded in the near future.

Dear Geopolitical European Commission: Crawl before You Run!

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Can the European Union bridge the gap between theoretical and actual power?

It Will Take More than Billionaires to Bail Out Egypt’s Economy

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The COVID-19 crisis should prompt a rethink on Egypt’s longstanding structural inequalities.

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