Global Forecast (9-25-2018)


Sweden’s far-right might sneak into the Riksdag via the back door, Brexit gut-check time in the United Kingdom, and new hope for US-Turkey relations.

Vietnam Ready for a Seat at the UN Security Council

UN_security_council, cc Bernd Untiedt, Germany, modified,

Vietnam’s commitment to global institutions and poverty alleviation make it a good candidate for a rotating seat at the UN Security Council.

FLASH: OPEC Goes Rogue on Trump, Keeps Production Steady

Oil_platform_P-51_(Brazil), cc Divulgação Petrobras / ABr, modified,

President Trump’s cozy relationship with Saudi Arabia failed to translate into a production hike from OPEC+ over the weekend.

Emerging Markets: Turkey Shifts to Austerity, But Will It Be Enough?

ErdoganKrem, cc, modified,

Finance Minister Berat Albayrak unveils a new austerity drive, but the plan does nothing about the mountain of toxic debt in Turkey’s private sector.

EU Salzburg Summit Sinks May’s Latest Brexit Plan

May, cc Flcikr PRO EU2017EE Estonian Presidency, modified,

The demise of Prime Minister May’s Chequers plan increases the odds of a hard Brexit.

Trump Ramps up Pressure in US-China Trade War

XiKre, cc,

President Trump has slapped $200 billion in new tariffs on Chinese goods, with new retaliations from Beijing sure to follow.

Scott Walker to Face the Music in US Midterms?

WalkerCPAC, cc Flickr Gage Skidmore, modified,

Scott Walker is one of the many old guard Republicans facing a credible challenge in November, and it could be the oft-ignored issue of education that ends up unseating him.

FLASH: Turkey Central Bank Raises Interest Rates to Stem Lira Collapse

5000_TL_obverse, Central Bank of Turkey, modified,, public domain

Is Turkey’s central bank truly independent, or has the “enemy of interest rates” finally relented?

Global Forecast (9-11-2018)


The far-right creates political deadlock in Sweden, anti-pension reform rallies flare up again in Russia, and new rumblings of a second US-DPRK summit.

Debt-Saddled Pakistan Raises Possibility of BRI Renegotiation

ImranKhan, cc Flickr Financial Times, modified,

Pakistan’s new government wants to revisit the terms of Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) contracts signed by its predecessor.

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