Ratings Agencies Add to Sri Lanka’s Political Woes

SriLankaPoster, cc Flickr Vikalpa | Groundviews | Maatram | CPA, modified,

The political and economic difficulties are piling up for Sri Lanka.

France Yellow Vest Protests: Jupiter Has Fallen

GiletsJaunes, cc Flickr KRIS AUS67, modfiied,

A new and virulent protest movement has French President Emmanuel Macron reeling. Has the self-styled ‘Jupiter’ come crashing down to Earth?

EU Counter-Terrorist Financing Initiatives: Time to Move Beyond the War on Terror

Moneylaundry, cc Flickr Images Money, modified,,

Criminals and terrorists are evolving new ways to launder money and finance themselves. It’s time for the European Union evolve along with them.

US Debt: Bomb or Overblown?

Source: Congressional Budget Office (CBO), public domain

Ignored by headlines and political debate, the US debt load continues to expand at a staggering rate.

Arms Trade: A Global Buyers’ Market

THAAD, cc Flickr Mark Holloway, modified,, originally released by US Army

The US, Russia, and China may be the world’s largest arms exporters, but other states are now coming around on the economic perks of a military industrial complex.

Why The Hungarian Government Just Doesn’t ‘Get It’ on Poverty

Homelessness, cc Flickr Ben Sutherland, modified,

Homeless people are the new migrants in Hungary, at least so far as political stigmatization is concerned.

Pakistan IMF Bailout Talks Spinning their Tires

LagardeIMF, cc Flickr Valsts kanceleja/ State Chancellery, modified,

In Pakistan’s failed IMF talks, we see growing friction between the old and the new financial word orders.

Global Forecast (11-21-2018)


In Poland and Italy, two EU disputes are headed in two different directions.

US-Saudi Relations: Business as Usual as Khashoggi Anger Fades

cc Flickr, James Mathis, modified,

The strategy of patience, denials, and scapegoats appears to be working for now. But Crown Prince Mohammed Bin-Salman may still face difficulties down the road.

ECB Nears End Date for QE

EUBonnCongress, cc Flickr European People's Party, modified,

As economic storm clouds gather on the horizon, will the ECB get cold feet about ending its unprecedented quantitative easing program?

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