Iran-backed Militias Fire on Protesters in Iraq

Popular Mobilization Program Graduates and Equips Tribal Forces, cc Cpl. John Baker,, modified

The brazen attacks on unarmed protesters represent a serious escalation in what was already a violent struggle for reform.

Interview: International Crisis Group’s Heiko Wimmen on Next Steps in Lebanon

Beirut Protests, modified, cc Shahen Araboghlian, Wikicommons,

Who will be the next prime minister? Tanmay Kadam seeks answers from a leading expert on Lebanese domestic politics.

No End in Sight for South Africa’s Economic Malaise

Ramaphosa2, cc Flickr G20 Argentina, modified,

The latest numbers out of South Africa suggest more economic pain to come.

Terrorism Returns to London

WestminsterBridge, cc Flickr Jorge Láscar, modified,

The killings of two young people during a terror attack on London Bridge have stirred up political argument in Britain. But the father of one of the victims has penned an impassioned plea, urging the press not to use his son's death to further an “agenda of hate.”

Can Blockchain Help Rid Tech Products of ‘Conflict Minerals’?

Miner, cc Deo Photographer, modifeid,

Distributed ledger technology is being used in efforts to remove conflict minerals from supply chains – but it doesn’t have all the answers.

The Evolving Threat of ISIS in the Philippines

Bombing of Marawi City, cc Sariling gawa, modified,

After a lull, could Islamic State rebound in the Philippines?

India’s Water Crisis: Beyond Chennai

A water truck in Kolhapur, Maharashtra; author: Arne Hückelheim, modified,

For India, the road to great power status is frought with critical water management challenges.

Backgrounder: China’s Arctic Strategy

XueLong, cc Bahnfrend, modified,,_Fremantle,_2016_(4).jpg

Beijing isn’t letting geography get in the way of it establishing a robust presence in the next great frontier of geopolitical competition.

Interim Period Is Make-or-Break for Bolivia

Wiphala, cc Flickr David Hernández (aka davidhdz), modified,

Literally besieged from all sides, Bolivia’s unlikely new president faces an uphill battle to stabilize the country.

New Currency, New Hope for Zimbabwe

20 billion Zimdollar, cc Renier Martin,

Will the newly-minted ‘Zimdollar’ solve Zimbabwe’s longstanding monetary woes?

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