Canada CPI Inflation Hits 10-Year High

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May CPI numbers are making it harder to discount inflation as COVID-related economic distortion.

Backgrounder: EU COVID-19 Recovery Fund

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The legacy of Next Generation EU and the joint issuance it envisions will likely outlive the immediate harms of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Backgrounder: G7 Summit in Cornwall, UK

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Examining key announcements surrounding this weekend’s G7 summit in the United Kingdom.

Global Forecast (6-13-2021)


Rising shipping costs add to inflation worries, Iran presidential elections unlikely to bring any surprises, and NATO leaders gather in Brussels for the Alliance’s first summit of the Biden era.

Global USD Reserves Slip: Is the Greenback’s Reign on Borrowed Time?

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The greenback’s position as premier reserve currency continues to erode, albeit slowly.

SNAPSHOT: US Inflation Sustains Momentum through May


Signs of a fall-off were scant in May inflation numbers for the United States.

FLASH: Left Wins Landmark Election in Peru


The Left appears to have carried the day in Peru’s clash of political extremes.

No Time Like the Present: Indonesia’s Renewable Energy Transition

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Indonesia’s natural endowments give it an edge in transitioning to renewable energy, but time is of the essence for the government to deploy a comprehensive strategy.

The Tale of Tokyo Olympics: Prestige or Health?

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The organizers of the Tokyo Games are faced with unprecedented challenges. Will their efforts be worth it in the end?

Global Forecast (6-7-2021)


Iran makes a naval foray into the Atlantic, the EU takes aim at multinational tax avoidance, and security in the Sahel continues to deteriorate.

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