South China Sea

Marginalized or Pivotal Middle Power? Canada’s Indo-Pacific Strategic Choice

Canada-ASEAN dialogue in 2018; modified, CC DFA Philippines,

In crafting an Indo-Pacific Strategy, Canada has the opportunity to differentiate itself from its powerful southern neighbor and assert its role as a middle power.

Japan’s Recent Diplomacy in Cambodia Bears Fruit

cc Japan 首相官邸, modified,

Japan’s long-standing and close relationship with Cambodia has paid dividends recently, specifically on the Ukraine crisis and the South China Sea.

Examining Malaysia’s Evolving Policy toward the South China Sea

190409-N-RI884-2162, CC Flickr, Naval Surface Warriors, Modified,

Malaysia’s note verbale on the South China Sea remains bland and watered down due to domestic issues. But the new Malaysian government has no choice but to embark into tumultuous diplomatic waters.

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