Ukraine War

The Impact of Designating Russia a Terrorist State

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The European Parliament’s move represents an important step, but complacency is a risk as the Ukraine war drags into 2023.

EU vs RT: A Propaganda Chess Match for the Ages

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It’s no easy task for EU states to get ahead of Russian propaganda, as evidenced by the resilience of RT France content despite official bans.

How Western Experts Got the Ukraine War So Wrong

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An outdated propensity to equate Ukraine with Russia lies at the heart of a long list of flawed geopolitical analyses leading up to the Ukraine war.

Wagner Group: The Case for a Terrorist Designation

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Though nominally a mercenary organization, there’s a strong case to be made that the Wagner Group should be classified a terrorist outfit.

The Rise of Trans-Caspian Routes amidst Russia’s Isolation

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The Trans-Caspian International Transport Route is emerging as an alternative to the Trans-Siberian railway as Russian isolation deepens amid the Ukraine war.

Ukrainian Winter: More Setbacks for Russia?

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Shifts in the weather will present tactical challenges for both sides, but the ‘wet cold’ is unlikely to decisively void Ukraine’s advantages nor reverse Russia’s operational difficulties.

The West Must Be Consistent on Human Rights

Zaatari, a Syrian refugee camp in Jordan; modified, cc DFID - UK Department for In -

For clues on why the Global South is standing by Russia despite a brutal invasion, look no further than the West’s double standards with regard to Armenia and Russia.

Moldova: Foreign Successes, Domestic Challenges

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President Sandu’s pro-Europe foreign policy has made strides despite a challenging geopolitical environment, but political troubles are brewing on the home front.

Ukraine Victories Unleash Kremlin Infighting

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Kremlin hardliners are solidifying their position amid a string of military setbacks in Ukraine.

Germany’s Zeitenwende: Too Little, Too Late?


Examining Germany’s ‘revolutionary’ foreign policy shift following the outbreak of the Ukraine war.

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