Ukraine War

The Evolution of Russia’s Ukraine Strategy

Orange Revolution in Ukraine, 2004; modified, cc Flickr neiljs,

The ongoing Ukraine War is the most recent phase of a gradual escalation that dates back to the 2004 Orange Revolution.

Ukraine War and Food Prices


The Ukraine war has driven up food prices around the world, and there’s still room to grow.

Kissinger’s Stance on Concessions over Ukraine Comes as No Surprise

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Looking through history, Kissinger has a long track record of sacrificing smaller nations on the alter of great power politics.

Ukraine’s Long Journey into Europe


Kyiv’s path to EU membership must be verifiably rigorous in a way that strengthens not just Ukraine but the bloc as a whole.

A World Remade? Lessons from the Ukraine War

cc Ministry of Defense Ukraine, modified,

The Ukraine war is producing some bitter lessons for those who believed that global society had moved beyond nation-based geopolitics.

US Natural Gas Prices Hit 14-Year High


It’s a price reckoning that European consumers are already all too familiar with, and now US consumers are starting to feel the pain of high natural gas prices.

The 2022 Russo-Ukraine War after 100 Days

A destroyed Russian Tank near Mariupol; UKraine war, cc, modified,

After a string of early victories, the tide appears to be slowly turning against Kiev in the Ukraine war.

Russia’s Syrian Strategy Finds a Repeat in Ukraine

cc, modified,

That strategy being: to bite, to crush, and then to move on.

Is Russia’s Demographic Decline Irreversible?

President Putin attends a Christmas ceremony, cc, modified,

A fast-declining population has the potential to compromise Russia’s ambitious revisionist plans and perhaps even its own survival as a national state.

G7 Russia Oil Ban: Not as Simple as Advertised

cc, modifeid,

A G7 oil ban will be more a matter of economic self-harm than effective foreign policy, unless it is done right.

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