Syrian Civil War

Backgrounder: Turkey’s Safe Zone in Syria


The shifting geopolitics of the Ukraine war have helped to resurrect President Erdogan’s longstanding plan of establishing a sprawling ‘safe zone’ along the border in Syria.

Five Decades of Questions: Lebanon post-Syria Occupation

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An accounting must be made of war crimes committed during the Syrian occupation of Lebanon, including missing activists, before any post-war normalization can occur.

The Wagner Group: Origins and Early Deployments

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First in a two-part series, this backgrounder traces the origins and earliest deployments of Russia’s infamous mercenary outfit: the Wagner Group.

Syria Facing a Fourth Turkish Invasion?

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Signals abound that Turkey is preparing to launch another military operation in Syria, potentially with the objective of linking its two enclaves in the country.

The EU’s New ‘Eastern Question’: Refugees, Gas, and Neo-Ottoman Imperialism

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The ‘Eastern Question’ has re-emerged to haunt EU policymakers, and a proper answer requires a true understanding of region’s historical specificities.

Unintended Consequences Abound with New US Sanctions on Syria

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The US ‘Caesar sanctions,’ aimed at forcing the Assad regime to negotiate, could potentially further immiserate the country’s long-suffering people.

With Friends Like This: Russia and Turkey Fall Out over Idlib

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Reprisal attacks against the Syrian government and renewed refugee flows into Europe are just two of the potential consequences of a deadly airstrike on Turkish troops in Idlib.

Idlib Campaign Puts Turkey-Russia Detente on Notice

A strike in Bidama in Idlib in 2017; cc Qasioun News Agency, modified,,_west_of_Idlib.jpg

Turkey and Russia’s divergent interests in northern Syria can no longer be glossed over.

Operation Peace Spring: A Timeline

TrumpErdogan, cc Flickr, modified, The White House, public domain,

Recounting the events surrounding the latest foreign policy upheaval to consume Washington D.C.

Trump Reshuffles the Geopolitical Deck with Syria Pullout

SyriaYPG, cc Flickr Kurdishstruggle, modified,

Protracted guerilla war, rebooted alliances, a resurgent ISIS, and humanitarian tragedy could all be in the cards.

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