Syrian Civil War

Grim Prospects for Turkey-Saudi Relations

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As is often the case in the Middle East, third-party bilateral relationships are driving Turkey and Saudi Arabia further apart.

Trump to Sink Further into the Syria Quagmire?

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Weeks after reportedly telling his generals to draw up plans for a withdrawal from Syria, the US president finds himself being pulled back in.

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Frantic US-China trade talks get underway, Turkey eyes Iraq’s Sinjar region, and Russian diplomats are expelled throughout the Western world.

Focus Shifts to Manbij as Turkey Moves into Afrin Unopposed

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An attack on Manbij would put President Erdogan in direct conflict with the US military and its Syrian allies.

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The Assad government hammers Eastern Ghouta, Japan ups its order of F-35s, and a state of emergency is extended in the Maldives.

Assad Jumps into the Afrin Conflict

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In a further escalation of the Syrian civil war, Damascus has vowed to help the Kurds of Afrin repel the advance of Turkey’s “Operation Olive Branch.”

Israel and Iran Signal Escalation in Syrian Civil War

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Tensions left to simmer for most of the war are now boiling over as Israel grapples with the possibility of a long-term Iranian presence in southern Syria.

Global Forecast (01-24-2018)


Erdogan threatens to expand Turkey’s campaign against Syria’s Kurds, China mulls SOE reform (again), and a grassroots upsurge in the SPD calls German coalition talks into question.

Turkish Offensive against the Kurdish Enclave of Afrin

The United States Marine Corps provide fire support to the SDF during the Battle of Raqqa., public domain, USMC

Turkish forces have launched an operation against the Kurdish-majority enclave of Afrin, marking a new chapter in the Syrian civil war.

Outlook 2018: Syria Peace Talks


Will 2018 be the year that finally brings peace to Syria?

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