Key Dates

April 19 – Reserve Bank of Australia meeting minutes released.

April 20 – UK unemployment data for March released.

April 20 – Australia retail sales data for March released.

April 21 – UK CPI data for March released.

April 21 – Public comments from Bank of England Governor Andrew Bailey.

April 21 – Canada CPI data for March released.

April 21 – Bank of Canada (BoC) interest rate decision and press conference. Expectations that the BoC would lay out a path to monetary policy normalization have been tempered by the country’s worsening COVID-19 outlook of late. However, with pre-third wave economic numbers looking strong and the Canadian housing market white hot, the odds remain high that BoC will be one of the first advanced economies to look to bring its bond-buying program to an end.

April 22 – European Central Bank monetary policy statement and press conference. The timing of the ECB’s decision to taper its bond-buying program is contingent on vaccine rollout in Europe. And given that vaccination rates continue to languish well behind advanced economy peers, many are predicting that the ECB will opt to maintain its current level of bond purchases.

April 22 – US weekly jobless claims data released.

April 23 – UK retail sales data, manufacturing PMI, and services PMI data released.

April 23 – US home sales data for March released.

April 25 – Albania parliamentary election.