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FLASH:IEA Reduces Oil Demand Forecast for 2021

Santa Barbara Channel / Ellwood Oil Field. From left to right: Harmony, Hondo, Heritage., cc Flickr Glenn Beltz, modified, https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0/

Weak oil demand is projected to persist through the first half of 2021, compounding divisions within the OPEC+ cartel.

Biden’s Day One Executive Actions Take Aim at Key Planks of Trump Era

cc Flickr Matt Johnson, modified, https://www.flickr.com/photos/cornstalker/48309270832/in/photolist-2gAVD9C-DpiEz2-2gAV4zs-DRR3Pu-DbQdQG-DpiG8c-Dj8tRB-DARar6-DoUsb4-2gAVCSR-DARcgP-2hTb3rH-2gAVD61-2gAVDh8-2gAV5e8-2gAV5MH-2gAVDKY-2gAVDvu-2gAV5xp-2gAV5Bs-djLepK-2gAV64e-djLcMM-2gAVDFp-2gAV5jo-Lip31W-2gAV4QT-2hT9Ttt-2gAV5SC-D1sgbC-2gAVEhp-2gAV5WA-D1wyip-DFnJye-Dh8Qqq-2hTb3BT-2hT9YmE-Eau2mp-Duw8Yx-E4JXUG-e3q1ox-DjpQy6-EiJ8yT-2jxKqwd-DcXjTU-E7C88m-2hTb17Y-DGrkwE-Di1dDH-DqAkjB

In what seems to be an emerging norm for the executive branch, US President Joe Biden has wasted no time in dismantling key planks of his predecessor’s agenda.

US Stimulus: Biden Era to Open with a Fiscal Bang

Joe BIden speaks at a rally outside his campaign office in Council Bluffs, Iowa. Please attribute to Matt A.J. is used elsewhere., modified, https://www.flickr.com/photos/cornstalker/49148794278/in/photolist-2hT7qdN-DJWD4T-DRAF4o-DMKaXJ-DvmhkL-E4UD37-EiYthH-EswGHQ-EkCRoA-DYviMA-DDJJUK-DqttdY-Da6o24-E1Drk2-Dfvmm7-DypzT8-DfQJi4-E1DoQT-dGHyZJ-DDVQeS-E2N4rj-E7daCQ-E4qsBE-Dc8N6K-Dhtj7D-DDrBNe-2kpuX4v-Dh8BZy-2k4gLnK-DkZxr7-DhtfCz-DXuJjh-EaFsL4-DrvgtF-2gAV4u2-Ecxe7f-DY8kbG-Etr5Ch-Dmkk2M-DE7YPL-DGSHGb-Dhts4k-2hTaZX9-Dh8FAw-E6C5xn-2gAV5nE-2gAVCWy-2gAVD2P-97Gk16-E8heEt

The Biden administration has proposed a bold – and expensive – stimulus package to reinvigorate the US economy, and its legislative path will say a lot about how US politics will operate over the next two years.

China Scrambles to Contain COVID-19 Outbreak ahead of Lunar New Year

The platforms of Shijiazhuang Railway Station., cc modified, wikicommons Windmemories, https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:20201216_Platforms_of_Shijiazhuang_Railway_Station_05.jpg

Mass lockdowns and temporary COVID-19 hospitals have returned to China, and the timing couldn’t be worse.

Resurgent COVID-19 Looms over Asia’s Economic Recovery

cc Flickr nagi usano, modified, https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/2.0/

Asia is expected to lead the way in a post-COVID global economic recovery, but a new upsurge in COVID-19 cases highlights how the region is not out of the woods yet.

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