COVID-19: Economic Impact Round-up (2-26-2020)

ItalyTempCheck, cc Flickr Dipartimento Protezione Civile, modified,

COVID-19 has now infected 81,266 people worldwide, 2,770 of which have died. The outbreak remains centered in China with 78,064 cases, 62,031 of them in Hubei province; however, since last week COVID-19 has seen notable spread elsewhere, such as Italy (374 confirmed cases, mostly in the north), Iran (139, though the official number is disputed), the UAE (13), and Kuwait (25). The situation in East Asia outside of China continues to worsen as South Korea now has 1,261 cases, mostly concentrated around the southern city of Daegu, and Japan is up to 172 cases. COVID-19 has now been identified for the first time in Brazil, Algeria, Egypt, Greece, Lebanon, Iraq, and Israel. And the authorities in Spain, which has 10 confirmed cases, have locked down a hotel in the Canary Islands, effectively placing hundreds of tourists in quarantine following a positive test by one of the guests.

WHO has confirmed that daily new cases outside of China now exceed those within it, though the organization has held off on characterizing the outbreak as a pandemic.

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