Central Bank Policy

Euro Zone Inflation Shows No Signs of Slowing


ECB head Christine Legarde is maintaining a dovish line despite strong October inflation numbers in major euro zone economies.

Emerging Markets Hike Rates to Get Ahead of Inflation


Though central banks have approached the problem with different levels of urgency.

Stakes High as Emerging Markets Await Fed Taper Plans


Capital flight, inflation, and debt shocks are the risks facing emerging markets as the Federal Reserve plots a course out of monetary stimulus.

ECB Moves to Scale Back COVID-Era Bond Buying


Citing improved growth and rising inflation, the ECB moved to scale back its bond purchases. But don’t call it a taper.

Russia Central Bank Sounds Alarm on Inflation


The Bank of Russia’s latest monetary policy forecast raises a novel possibility: What if the present inflationary trend isn’t temporary at all?

US Federal Reserve Balance Sheet Exceeds $8 Trillion Mark

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The Federal Reserve balance sheet just hit $8.1 trillion, roughly the size of the economies of Japan and Germany combined.

ECB Sets New Inflation Target in Rare Strategy Overhaul

cc Flickr Valsts kanceleja/ State Cha, modified, https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/2.0/

Either the target or the loose monetary policy had to go. In the end it was the target.

Fed Tries to Calm Bond Yield Jitters

cc Flickr, modified, Federalreserve, https://flickr.com/photos/federalreserve/46835032445/in/photolist-2eBMAv6-2a561Dv-GbqKvY-2d29HSX-2g9MRD3-2bahHwD-2hq7WvD-2dETXFR-2emDMrp-2ggT2WF-2jr9gWX-25ha66V-2ht6Cft-QRuQoB-2df5bfx-Pg344T-2bV9RiW-2dfn9ER-2hhpakB-KJVWsT-2gMaoJr-2jaHwZi-2j4jT5p-28bsnfV-2fDiTke-RGFomF-25Q6dNy-2dfn8BP-2dfn99R-2c9opBj-2c9oqbW-L5gxAY-26A9DAm-2cWN66W-Qq734C-2bV9PuA-2cWN7dW-QTpVkj-2jHcYFC-2khxMc7-QTpT83-QTpRMN-2cWN8SY-Pg31Fr-2jFueN6-2bV9LAu-2kG7umE-28hER8w-ydjKHL-eLfkfk

Federal Reserve officials gather this week for one of the most important central bank meetings in recent history.

Inflation Whispers Spook Global Bond Markets

cc Flickr Federalreserve,modified, https://flickr.com/photos/federalreserve/47006304851/in/photolist-2eBMAKV-2dQHr2Y-288Z3rm-2hQFpit-2hQJ3kJ-2hQFuGz-2hq8EXk-2khCguk-D1wyRo-2iVEFmj-2jaDjRh-2jaEzhA-2jaACF8-2hY78pq-2hq8FMB-2jr9gYR-23DPFGo-2k3M34D-2iAgwa7-25jqEwE-2jaCZjt-2hQKkkV-2imErJc-2in2hau-2eBMAv6-2a561Dv-GbqKvY-2d29HSX-2g9MRD3-2bahHwD-2hq7WvD-2jr9gWX-2emDMrp-2dETXFR-2ggT2WF-25ha66V-2ht6Cft-QRuQoB-2df5bfx-Pg344T-2dfn9ER-2bV9RiW-2hhpakB-28hER8w-2gMaoJr-KJVWsT-2jaHwZi-2j4jT5p-28bsnfV-2fDiTke

Do spiking yield curves across the developed world harken the end of COVID-era monetary stimulus?

Federal Reserve Fails to Calm Jittery US Equity Markets

cc FLickr Federalreserve, modified, https://www.flickr.com/photos/federalreserve/49526374907/in/photolist-2istBMD-2gvG3CK-2hQJ26e-2hQFqhx-2hQJ3kJ-288Z3rm-2hQFuGz-2hQFpit-2hq8EXk-2iVEFmj-D1wyRo-2jaDjRh-2k3M34D-2jaEzhA-JfUQcA-ZZBY8V-2dSi3vH-2aq2AAb-2hQSuie-W3qAGD-2hCMRCC-2eBMAKV-2dQHr2Y-2jaACF8-2jr9gYR-2hY78pq-2hq8FMB-2iAgwa7-2jaCZjt-23DPFGo-2imErJc-2in2hau-2eBMAv6-GbqKvY-2g9MRD3-2d29HSX-2jr9gWX-2hq7WvD-2ht6Cft-2hQKkkV-25jqEwE-2a561Dv-2bahHwD-2dETXFR-2emDMrp-2ggT2WF-25ha66V-QRuQoB-2df5bfx-Pg344T

Powell’s recent comments reflect how central bank interventions have been normalized by the market, making the Fed’s eventual exit an exceedingly delicate affair.

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