Fed Tries to Calm Bond Yield Jitters

cc Flickr, modified, Federalreserve, https://flickr.com/photos/federalreserve/46835032445/in/photolist-2eBMAv6-2a561Dv-GbqKvY-2d29HSX-2g9MRD3-2bahHwD-2hq7WvD-2dETXFR-2emDMrp-2ggT2WF-2jr9gWX-25ha66V-2ht6Cft-QRuQoB-2df5bfx-Pg344T-2bV9RiW-2dfn9ER-2hhpakB-KJVWsT-2gMaoJr-2jaHwZi-2j4jT5p-28bsnfV-2fDiTke-RGFomF-25Q6dNy-2dfn8BP-2dfn99R-2c9opBj-2c9oqbW-L5gxAY-26A9DAm-2cWN66W-Qq734C-2bV9PuA-2cWN7dW-QTpVkj-2jHcYFC-2khxMc7-QTpT83-QTpRMN-2cWN8SY-Pg31Fr-2jFueN6-2bV9LAu-2kG7umE-28hER8w-ydjKHL-eLfkfk


All eyes will be on the US Federal Reserve this Wednesday. On that day, the Federal Open Market Committee is expected to wrap up one of its eight annual meetings to determine US monetary policy. The meeting is expected to wrap up with a press conference, and full minutes from the internal discussions will be released three weeks later.

Investors will be monitoring whether previous forward guidance holds the line amid changing economic conditions in the United States. Yet whatever the dot plot ultimately tells them might not prove so credible in retrospect.

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