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Fed Tries to Calm Bond Yield Jitters

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Federal Reserve officials gather this week for one of the most important central bank meetings in recent history.

Inflation Whispers Spook Global Bond Markets

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Do spiking yield curves across the developed world harken the end of COVID-era monetary stimulus?

Outlook 2017: Year of the USD?


With three rate hikes apparently on the docket for the Federal Reserve, 2017 could be a year where the USD leaves other currencies in the dust.

We Have Lift-Off at the US Federal Reserve

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The long-awaited and much-feared US Fed hike will end up being anti-climactic.

What Can Emerging Markets Expect from a Fed Hike?

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Whether it comes this week or later, a Fed hike will have a destabilizing effect on emerging markets already grappling with tepid global growth.

The Fed Could Still Surprise in September

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Market turmoil is making the Fed’s September decision a lot more complicated than it seemed a month ago.

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