COVID-19: The Deglobalization Amplifier

North Terminal, Gatwick Airport, July 2020. Barely any passengers are visible in the check-in area during the Covid-19 coronavirus pandemic, July 2020 ***NOTE***: If you wish to publish this photo under Creative Commons rules, I kindly request that you credit it with a dofollow link to, cc Mark Hodson Photos, modified, Flickr,

COVID-19 didn’t start the recent deglobalization trend, but it’s certainly contributing to it.

Vaccine Shortages in Focus as COVID-19 Surges in Southeast Asia

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Tried and tested containment methods are failing against new COVID variants in Southeast Asia. It’s time for ASEAN to step in and overhaul the regional response.

Reputations at Stake in Post-Covid Asia Supply Chain Shakeup

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Companies that fail to adapt to the new normal of ESG standards face considerable reputational risk.

India Shows COVID-19 Pandemic Far from Over

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Variants have altered the COVID risk dynamic, and emerging economies are uniquely vulnerable to severe outbreaks. This article highlights some of the most at-risk countries.

India: New Epicenter of the COVID-19 Pandemic

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Variants, complacency, and policy missteps have transformed one of the developing world’s COVID-19 exemplars into a cautionary tale.

COVID-19: A ‘Hot Potato’ for Nationalist-Populist Parties in Europe

Europe’s populist parties haven’t thrived amid COVID-19 – but their ideas have.

Election Talk Heats Up in Malaysia

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Muhyiddin Yassin is clinging to power amid a COVID-19 state of emergency. A new election would test the unity of the ruling Perikatan Nasional bloc and opposition parties led by Anwar Ibrahim.

Global Forecast (3-7-2021)


Examining the issues and hotspots that will be making headlines in the week ahead.

COVID-19 Brewing a Perfect Storm of Political Crisis in Lebanon

cc Flickr, modified, tongeron91

How far can Lebanon’s institutions be stretched before they simply collapse? This year could have an answer.

FLASH: COVID-19 Vaccine Global Update (2-23-2021)

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Tracking the latest news surrounding the global COVID-19 vaccination effort.

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