China: The Winding Road to Zero-COVID

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A new outbreak in the Beijing area is the latest blow to China’s ‘dynamic zero-COVID’ strategy, as economic costs from lockdowns and mass testing continue to mount.

Sri Lanka Debt Crisis: New Trend in the Making?

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Sri Lanka isn’t the only developing economy under severe duress in the post-COVID global landscape.

Economic Costs of China’s Zero-COVID Policy Mount

Shanghai lockdown; cc The Stand News, modified,

There’s no end in sight to restrictions in Shanghai and Beijing as economic indicators continue to slide across-the-board.

US-Vietnam COVID Cooperation Hits a Snag

Citizens in Phu Yen Province wait for their turn to get COVID-19 vaccine injections (August 2, 2021). Photo: VNA

Washington and Beijing are actively competing to bolster soft power via vaccine deliveries to Southeast Asia. Yet countries like Vietnam are still lacking jabs.

China Fights Its Largest Delta Outbreak Yet


Wednesday numbers reveal how the outbreak is spreading to more populated provinces.

What’s Behind Vaccine Hesitancy in Bulgaria and Romania?

Protests in Sofia, 2013 (not vaccine related), cc Flickr Georgi C, modified ,

Vaccine hesitancy is a complex and worrying phenomenon, and in Eastern Europe and elsewhere it could well stem from long-running political issues.

Malaysia: New Prime Minister, Familiar Challenges

Empty Singapore-Malaysia Causeway during the Malaysia COVID-19 lockdown., cc Lionel Lim, modified,

Ismail Sabri Yaakob, Malaysia’s fourth prime minister since 2018, must fix the COVID-hit economy and heal political divisions if he is to avoid the fate of predecessors Mahathir and Muhyiddin.

Global Forecast (9-6-2021)


New dreams of an EU army, a humanitarian disaster brews in Ethiopia, and the contest to replace Suga Yoshihide heats up in Japan.

COVID-19: Mu and C.1.2 Variants

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Two new variants have been identified, one of which has been dubbed a variant of interest by WHO. But can they put a dent in Delta’s global dominance?

COVID-19 Savages Thailand’s Tourist-Dependent Economy

An abandoned Thai tourist town under lockdown in 2020, cc Per Meistrup , modified,

COVID-19 is spreading like wildfire in Thailand, and the political and economic consequences are beginning to mount.

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