Global Forecast (9-6-2021)


New dreams of an EU army, a humanitarian disaster brews in Ethiopia, and the contest to replace Suga Yoshihide heats up in Japan.

COVID-19: Mu and C.1.2 Variants

cc Guilhem Vellut, Flickr, modified,

Two new variants have been identified, one of which has been dubbed a variant of interest by WHO. But can they put a dent in Delta’s global dominance?

COVID-19 Savages Thailand’s Tourist-Dependent Economy

An abandoned Thai tourist town under lockdown in 2020, cc Per Meistrup , modified,

COVID-19 is spreading like wildfire in Thailand, and the political and economic consequences are beginning to mount.

China’s Delta Outbreak Mapped


Mapping the latest case data from China's Delta outbreak.

Delta Outbreak Imperils China’s Economic Recovery

COVID-19 testing in Haidian in January 2021 / cc N509FZ, modified,

China’s Delta outbreak can still be contained, but it will come at an economic cost.

South Africa Reaches a Breaking Point

an anti-Zuma protest from 2017, cc Discott, modified,

A week of violence and looting poses a serious threat to South Africa’s long-term stability.

COVID-19: The Deglobalization Amplifier

North Terminal, Gatwick Airport, July 2020. Barely any passengers are visible in the check-in area during the Covid-19 coronavirus pandemic, July 2020 ***NOTE***: If you wish to publish this photo under Creative Commons rules, I kindly request that you credit it with a dofollow link to, cc Mark Hodson Photos, modified, Flickr,

COVID-19 didn’t start the recent deglobalization trend, but it’s certainly contributing to it.

Vaccine Shortages in Focus as COVID-19 Surges in Southeast Asia

cc USAID, modified,

Tried and tested containment methods are failing against new COVID variants in Southeast Asia. It’s time for ASEAN to step in and overhaul the regional response.

Reputations at Stake in Post-Covid Asia Supply Chain Shakeup

cc Flickr asgw, modified,

Companies that fail to adapt to the new normal of ESG standards face considerable reputational risk.

India Shows COVID-19 Pandemic Far from Over

cc Wikicommons Sumita Roy Dutta, modified,

Variants have altered the COVID risk dynamic, and emerging economies are uniquely vulnerable to severe outbreaks. This article highlights some of the most at-risk countries.

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