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China: Dismal Trade Data Hints at Downturn


A sharp drop in imports and exports suggests that the internal and external engines of the Chinese economy are failing.

China-Africa Relations in Review

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Contrary to popular belief, the value of Africa to contemporary Chinese statecraft is overwhelmingly political rather than economic.

China Covid Protests: Xi’s Largest Test Yet

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If the past is any guide, the hammer is about to come down on China’s Covid protestors.

Beijing Throws a Lifeline to Beleaguered Real Estate Developers

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Amid worsening economic indicators, Beijing has partially reversed its attempt to reign in real estate excess. But is the damage already done?

The Xi Era Is Just Getting Started in China

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The 20th Congress has solidified Xi Jinping’s position as the most powerful Chinese leader since Mao Zedong.

China: Old Paradigms Strain as Xi Goes for Three

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Ahead of a key meeting for President Xi, the authorities are projecting normalcy despite a faltering economic outlook.

Beginning of the End for Zero-COVID in China?

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As new cases pop up around the country, Beijing signals new preparations for the inevitability of living with COVID-19.

China: The Winding Road to Zero-COVID

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A new outbreak in the Beijing area is the latest blow to China’s ‘dynamic zero-COVID’ strategy, as economic costs from lockdowns and mass testing continue to mount.

Outlook 2022: China’s Economy


Beijing is facing a confluence of several economic crises in the year ahead. Will it stay its recent course of economic rebalancing, or revert to old policy playbooks?

Default Looms as Evergrande Tests China’s Real Estate Sector

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The next chapter of the Evergrande saga is set to begin over the weekend.

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