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Backgrounder: A Brief History of China’s United Front

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Xi Jinping has dusted off an old ‘magic weapon’ to wage political warfare at home and abroad. Here’s a brief history of the global influencing operation that surprisingly few have heard of.

US-China Trade Deal (March 9, 2019)

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Zac and Nick discuss whether the rumored terms of the US-China trade deal are a win for the Trump administration.

China Debt: Qinghai SOE Is First Offshore Default in 20 Years

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The default of a state-owned provincial investment vehicle reflects a changing paradigm in China’s debt markets. But how long will the authorities remain on the sidelines?

High-Tech Domination and the US-China Trade War: AI Is Cheapening Authoritarian Governance

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As a path to economic success and a way to cement its rule, AI represents a lucrative frontier for the Chinese Communist Party. So although Made in China 2025 might be forced to change its branding, the core of the policy isn’t going anywhere.

FLASH: Beijing Doubles Down on Stimulus

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As signs of an economic downturn multiply, the Chinese government is dusting off its old stimulus playbook.

Outlook 2019: Headwinds in Global Equity Markets


2018 ended with a rout in global equity markets, and the trend could well persist in the year to come.

Beijing’s Economic Choice: Stimulus or Slump

Factory_in_China, cc Wikicommons, modified, author; High Contrast,

Beijing’s latest economic data dump shows that the trade war is starting to sting.

Belt and Rage: China Consulate Attacked in Karachi

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The attack in Karachi reflects animosity toward Chinese investment in Pakistan’s tribal regions. It may also be a sign of things to come.

Authorities Struggle to Stem Equity Losses in China

Pudong, cc Flickr Patrick Denker, modified,

The cycle of equity rout, government confidence-builders, tepid recovery, and rout continues.

Sino-Indian Relations: The Weak Point of the BRICS

BRICSsummit, cc, modified,,

Unity among the BRICS countries will continue to be thwarted by longstanding geopolitical disputes.

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