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Regulatory Hammer Comes Down on China’s Didi

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Early reports suggest record fines and strict data controls, freezing out future US-based listings by Chinese tech companies.

Has China’s Economic Recovery Already Peaked?


Recent performance has been as-expected, but headwinds abound over the second half of 2021.

China-Australia Iron Trade Booms, But for How Long?

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The iron trade has afforded Australia much-needed leverage in its ongoing trade spat with China. But a recent push by Beijing to diversify its supply suggests that this leverage won’t last forever.

SNAPSHOT: China Economy Comes Down to Earth


New economic data over the weekend suggests that the post-COVID boom might not be quite as loud as some had anticipated.

Population Decline: The New Normal in China’s Demographics?

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China’s demographic decline is a tale long foretold, but it was never meant to happen quite so soon.

The End of Made in China?

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Decoupling is the natural result of China’s worsening business climate for foreign companies.

Policy Agenda Takes Shape at China’s Two Sessions

Some of the Chinese government's more ambitious climate goals seem to have been sidelined in the latest five-year plan. cc Flickr PatrickRich,modified,

Two early casualties are democracy in Hong Kong and efforts to green China’s economy.

Outlook 2021: Can China Rebuild its Damaged Reputation in the West?


Last year saw a dramatic rise in negative perceptions of China. What can Beijing do to reverse the trend in 2021?

China’s Yuan Along for the Ride in US Election Drama

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China’s yuan has emerged as a global currency that is uniquely sensitive to the outcome of the US election.

China’s Economic Realism: The EU Experience

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The tenets of the liberal world order are often set up in zero-sum opposition to the benefits of Chinese investment, and no one knows this better than the European Union.

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