US Election 2016

President Trump Foreign Policy Checklist

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Donald Trump’s stunning win is expected to bring big changes to US foreign policy. Here’s what we can expect.

The Cough that Changed the World?

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Hillary Clinton’s early departure from a 9/11 event over health reasons could shake up the US presidential race.

US Election 2016: High Stakes for US Allies

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US allies worldwide have a lot running on the upcoming presidential election.

Why Donald Trump’s Energy Plan Can Work

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Donald Trump’s energy plan is a practical job creator that will work for the United States and the global economy.

US Election 2016: South China Sea Dispute

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Two different presidential candidates, and two different geopolitical visions of the South China Sea dispute.

US Election 2016: US-Saudi Relations

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We break down the geopolitical fallout from the two very different views on US-Saudi relations being forwarded by presidential nominees Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton.

US Election 2016: Geopolitical Cheat Sheet

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In the lead-up to the 2016 US presidential election, is examining the competing platforms and gauging their geopolitical impact in terms of bilateral relations, free trade, security issues, and political risk.

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