Islamic State

Islamic State Online: Jihadist Propaganda 2.0

Twitter cc Andreas Eldh

Islamic State has a deep and sophisticated internet presence unlike any of the jihadist groups that came before it.

Assessing the Threat of Returning Foreign Fighters from Central Asia

The Caucasus and Central Asia Political Map 2000

Much has been made of the potentially destabilizing effects of foreign fighters returning from Iraq and Syria to their home countries in Central Asia. But how real is the actual threat?

Obama’s Flawed Islamic State Strategy: From Saudi Arabia with Love

Obama Speech cc Mike Brice

President Obama’s strategy for defeating Islamic State is weak, overly ideological, and it just isn’t going to work.

Boko Haram Carving the Next ‘Islamic State’ out of Nigeria

Map of the Boko Haram Offensive in Northern Nigeria

Boko Haram is fighting to carve its own Caliphate out of the Nigerian state, and early indications suggest they might just accomplish their goal.

Saudi Arabia & Islamic State: Between Iraq and a Hard Place

Saudi Arabia Flag - cc Nicolas Raymond

Though the Saudi government may have been amenable to the rise of ISIS back when the militant group was seen as curbing Iranian influence in the region, recent developments in Iraq have likely changed a few minds in the Kingdom.

Is Fragmentation the Ideal Endgame in Iraq?

Soldier in Iraq cc US Army

Part two continues to highlight the reasons why Islamic State is unlike any other jihadist threat yet faced by the international community, and how a break-up of the Iraqi may be looming on the horizon.

Eliminating the Scourge of Islamic State in Iraq

Blackhawk Helicopter in Iraq, CC US Army

Winning against Islamic State hinges on political reconciliation – not only between the Sunnis and Shiite in Baghdad, but Washington and Tehran as well.

The Rise of Islamic State in Iraq and Syria

Flag of the Islamic State, cc GlobalPanorama

First in a two-part series, this backgrounder explores the rise of one of the most well-funded, organized, and militarily effective jihadist groups of all time.

Southeast Asia Militant Groups Looking to Islamic State

PhilippinesMindao cc OpenDemocracy

Following a series of Islamic State triumphs on the battlefields of Iraq and Syria, former al-Qaeda affiliates as far away as Southeast Asia are pledging loyalty to the newest brand in global terror.

Iraqi Civil War: The Battle for Erbil

Kurdistan Flag cc jan Sefti

A lull in fighting between Islamic State and Peshmerga forces came to an abrupt end last week with a sweeping advance that left some worried the Kurdish lines wouldn’t hold. Now the question is: Will Erbil be next to fall?

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