Islamic State

Egypt’s Sinai Providing Fertile Ground for Islamic State Expansion

Egyptian Army, CC US Air Force

The recent kidnapping and murder of a Croatian foreign worker has propelled Egypt’s Sinai Province into the media spotlight. But this Islamic State franchise has been a growing threat for a long time, and unless the Egyptian army changes its tactics the situation will only get worse.

Is Islamic State a State?


Islamic State is certainly different from many of the terrorist groups that preceded it. But is it actually a state?

New Regional Alliances Emerge in the Fight against Islamic State

cc Flickr Ronnie Macdonald

The dynamic in the Middle East is changing. Recent events have pushed Turkey towards a more activist position against Islamic State (ISIS) and Kurdish forces, which is shaping the response of other regional players, and leading to new alliances that will impact the future of Syria, Iraq, and the wider region.

Islamic State Has Assad, Geopolitics to Thank for Its Survival

AssadSpeech, cc Flickr Tjebbe van Tijen

It is not the fear of Islamic State nor the desire to eliminate it that defines the strategies of the main players in the Middle East. Rather it is the fear of how the balance of power will shift after ISIS is eliminated.

Analysis: Belmokhtar’s Death a Boost for Islamic State in Libya

Belmokhtar, cc thierry ehrmann flickr

If Mokhtar Belmokhtar is confirmed to have been killed by a US airstrike over the weekend, it would remove an obstacle keeping the al-Mourabitoun from pledging its allegiance to Islamic State.

US Can Only Watch as Disaster Looms in Ramadi

US Marine, cc Flickr DVIDSHUB,

The US policy to contain Islamic State’s advance in Iraq has failed. Now Washington must stand by and watch as Baghdad fails even harder.

Canada Steps Out of Peacekeeper Role and into the Unknown

CF-18-2, cc Flickr Perry Quan, modified

The Harper government has shifted Canadian foreign policy from ‘peacekeeper’ to ‘player’ in the Middle East and beyond. But is the Canadian military ready for a more assertive role on the world stage?

Map: The Ramadi Offensive


Two maps that help explain Islamic State's Ramadi offensive.

What the Fall of Ramadi Means

cc CPL WILLIAM I. SALAZAR, USMC, wikicommons

Whether they keep the city or not; the damage is already done. The fall of Ramadi is a major setback in the war against Islamic State.

Lausanne Accord to Open the Lucrative Iran Market, Remake the Middle East

Kerry Zarif, cc Flickr UNVIE,

Détente between Iran and the West is transforming the geopolitical landscape of the Middle East, and governments and investors the world over are scrambling to profit from the new normal.

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