Where Ethiopians Have Lost, Abiy Ahmed Has Won

Ethopian soldiers, wearing their new African Union berets, ready themselves for departure after a ceremony in Baidoa, Somalia, marking the inclusion of Ethiopia into the African Union peace keeping mission on January 22. AU UN IST PHOTO / Tobin Jones, cc Flickr AMISOM Public Information -

The prime minister’s popularity ratings have soared amid widespread suffering during the Ethiopian civil war.

Ethiopia Descends into Civil War

cc AMISOM Public Information, modified, Members of the Ethiopian National Defense Forces stand in formation during a ceremony in Baidoa, Somalia, to mark the inclusion of Ethiopia into the African Union peace keeping mission in the country on January 22. AU UN IST PHOTO / Tobin Jones

A mid-October offensive launched by the Ethiopian government has not only failed to make headway, but Tigray troops and their allies are now pushing toward the capital of Addis Ababa.

Ethiopia Launches Offensive as Famine Spreads in Tigray


Whether or not the offensive succeeds, the Tigray conflict has produced long-lasting scars that will not heal easily.

Global Forecast (6-21-2021)


Ethiopia to vote in a landmark election, commodity prices come back down to Earth, and Iran’s election produces few surprises.

Ethiopia: A Geopolitical Time Bomb in the Making

EthiopiaFlag, cc Flickr John Iglar, modified,

Ethiopia’s climate-sensitive economy, growing population, and inter-ethnic conflict make it a geopolitical time bomb primed to explode.

Tigray Conflict Risks Civil War in Ethiopia

Ethiopian National Defence Forces peacekeepers marching in Hudur capital city of Bakol Somalia on March 19, 2014 AU UN IST PHOTO / MOHAMUD HASSAN, cc Flickr Amisom Public Information, modified,

Long-term Ethiopia watchers can’t help but be concerned by the military conflict unfolding in northern Tigray.

FDI in Ethiopia: Is “Abiymania” Enough?

Ethiopia at the African Union, cc Flickr Office of the Prime Minister - Ethiopia, modified,

Ethiopia’s new prime minister is popular enough to spawn his own ‘mania.’ But beneath the economic success story of the past year lurks the potential for new conflicts.

Ethiopia’s Geopolitical Ambitions Could Bring about Its Downfall


Ethiopia faces a variety of long-term environmental and societal challenges. Building a Navy won’t help solve any of them.

Ethiopians Flee to Kenya following Botched Military Operation


Kenya has much to gain from actively working to de-escalate the growing crisis in Ethiopia’s Oromia region.

Ethiopia Extends State of Emergency

Protest March People Africa Ethiopia, cc 2,0 Max Pixel -

The state of emergency may have ended the overt protest movement in Ethiopia, but sectarian tensions remain, and it’s only a matter of time before they rise to the surface once again.

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