Ayo Awokoya

African Union Rocked by China Spying Allegations

African Union Headquarters, cc Flickr Artyukh Igor, modified, public domain

Will the discovery of surveillance bugs in the AU's headquarters reverberate in wider China-Africa relations?

Cameroon Crisis Imperils Bilateral Relations, Cocoa Crop


A long-running linguistic dispute in Cameroon has now spawned a secessionist movement that’s imperiling both the country’s bilateral relations with Nigeria and its cocoa-growing heartland in the southwest.

UN Inaction Fuels Conflict in the Central African Republic

UNGrunge, cc Nicholas Raymond, modified, http://freestock.ca/flags_maps_g80-united_nations_grunge_flag_p1051.html

The UN needs to bolster its peacekeeping mission and make it more accountable if it wants to stop spiraling violence in the Central African Republic.

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