Yemen Civil War

Perim and Socotra: Can Yemen Maintain Its Territorial Integrity?


Mysterious construction activity suggests that foreign patrons are establishing military facilities on Yemeni territory, whether their erstwhile allies like it or not.

Yemen Civil War: Marib City Falls to the Houthis

cc fahd sadi, modified,,_Yemen_from_Saudi_Arabia_without_the_right_aircraft._injustice_-_panoramio.jpg

And with it goes any hope of a return to relevance for the internationally-recognized government of President Abdrabbuh Mansur Hadi.

Biden Shows Saudis the Exit in Yemen Civil War

cc Flickr Felton Davis, modified, May 7th - Yemenis walk past rubble after deadly airstrikes in and near the presidential compound, in Sanaa,

But amid the total humanitarian and strategic disaster of Riyadh’s war policy, it will still be hard to walk through it.

Outlook 2019: The War in Yemen


Both sides risk losing their international backers in 2019. Will it make a difference on the battlefield?

Battle for Key Port Rages in Yemen


Another ceasefire evaporates as the vital port of Hodeida erupts in fighting.

Famine and Misery Spread in Yemen’s Deadlocked Conflict

YemenWar, cc VOA, modified,

Amid renewed fighting, warnings of impending humanitarian disaster in Yemen continue to fall on deaf ears.

Whither the Saudi Aramco IPO?

KingSalman, cc, modified,

When, if ever, will the Saudi Aramco IPO take place? At this point it’s anyone’s guess.

Yes, Yemen is Our Fault

Yemenairstrike, cc Almigdad Mojalli/VOA, modified,

It’s time for the United States to stop being part of the problem in Yemen’s disastrous civil war, and start being part of the solution.

Yemen Civil War: Houthis Fire Missile at Saudi Oil Tanker

Yemenwar, cc Flickr Felton Davis, modified,

Houthi missile attacks against Saudi Arabia won’t do much damage, but they will propel the bloody Yemen civil war into news headlines the world over.

Grim Prospects for Turkey-Saudi Relations

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As is often the case in the Middle East, third-party bilateral relationships are driving Turkey and Saudi Arabia further apart.

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