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China: Friend, Foe, or Something in Between

China's first aircraft carrier - the Liaoning. CC Flickr Simon Yang, modified,

It’s time for US policy planners to deal with the China that exists, and not the imaginary one they have long hoped for.

Maldives: A Domestic Crisis with Geopolitical Consequences?

cc Flickr, Dying Regime, modified,

A political crisis in Maldives is presenting possible inroads for China’s ‘string of pearls’ strategy in the Indian Ocean.

Indo-Japan-US Naval Exercises: A Geopolitical Analysis

170713-N-AX638-0167 CHENNAI, India (July 13, 2017) The Arleigh Burke-class guided-missile destroyer USS Kidd (DDG 100) departs Chennai, India, to begin the at-sea phase of Malabar 2017. Malabar 2017 is the latest in a continuing series of exercises between the Indian Navy, Japan Maritime Self Defense Force and U.S. Navy that has grown in scope and complexity over the years to address the variety of shared threats to maritime security in the Indo-Asia Pacific. (U.S. Navy Photo by Mass Communication Specialist 2nd Class Tyler Preston/Released)

India, Japan, and the United States are all after the same thing in Malabar 2017: a bigger presence in the Indian Ocean.

Malabar 2017: Does India Have a Friend in the Japanese Navy?

INS Teg visits Simon's Town, South Africa for IBSAMAR, cc Indian Navy -

What do recent Malabar 2017 naval exercises mean for Japan-India maritime ties?

Vietnam’s Area Denial Strategy and the South China Sea Dispute

US Navy, public domain,,_Vietnam.jpg

Vietnam has been boosting its A2/AD capabilities in the context of the South China Sea dispute. But how will they stand up to non-conventional threats?

The TPP’s Loss is China’s Gain

Xi Jinping, President of China. CC Flickr Day Donaldson, modified,

Trump has made good on his promise to withdraw from the Trans-Pacific Partnership, and it will fundamentally shake up geopolitical outlook of East Asia.

Time to Reset Japan-Taiwan Security and Defense Relations

President Tsai, cc VOA, public domain

The time is right for a new beginning in Taiwan-Japan relations.

Vietnam Influences China’s Quiet Legal Compliance in South China Sea Dispute

A fishing boat in Vietnam. Vietnam is one of the major players in the South China Sea dispute.

China might actually be quietly complying with a recent international court decision on the South China Sea dispute.

PLA Navy Vessel Enters Japan’s Territorial Waters around Senkaku Islands

After a long lull in the Diaoyu/Senkaku Islands dispute, the issue appears to be heating up once again.

US Exceptionalism Has No Place in a Multipolar World

US-RussiaFlyby, photo credit: US Navy

The geopolitical order is changing, and Washington should take heed.

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