MIST Countries

Jokowi’s Electoral Stumble: Implications for the Indonesian Economy?


The opening act of election season in Indonesia didn’t go as many analysts had planned, and in a field of no clear winners it's the economy that sometimes loses.

Turkey Central Bank Independence under Threat


The policy aims of the Turkish Central Bank and Prime Minister Erdogan are diverging, with the future of Turkey's economy hanging in the balance.

El Indio: Seeking Symmetry

ASEAN Member Flags

James Maidan Flores builds on Anis Bajrektarevic's argument that any "Asian Century" will be built up on a foundation of multilateral institutions. 

Mexican Cartel War: Profiling an Unorthodox Insurgency

Mexican Soldiers

The Mexican state is fighting powerful and multiple atypical insurgencies, armed with virtually unlimited access to firearms, including anti-aircraft batteries, and funded by an export trade in illegal narcotics worth billions of dollars.

South Korean Elections: A New Brand of Conservatism

Korean Flag

Exploring the political and economic impacts of recent elections in South Korea.

Backgrounder: MIST Countries

Turkish flag in Turkey

This backgrounder examines the economic outlook of MIST countries: Mexico, Indonesia, South Korea, and Turkey.

Indonesia Briefing

Prime Minister David Cameron Visits Indonesia

The following is a brief overview of the historical, political, military, and economic issues that Indonesia faces on the road to becoming a regional power.

Turkey in the MIST

President of South Korea Lee Myung-Bak (

Ten years after coining the famous ‘BRIC’ acronym, Jim O’Neil has done it again. This time it’s the MIST countries: Mexico, Indonesia, South Korea, and Turkey.

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