Libya Unrest

Is the US Repeating Old Mistakes in Libya?

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The United States is once again stepping foot into Libyan affairs after years of disregard for the oil-rich country. Will Washington manage to overcome old mistakes and help end Libya’s endless civil war?

Biden Administration Rediscovers US Interests in Libya

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After four years of standing on the sidelines, Washington has jumped back into the Libya fray.

A Lost Decade: The Actors and Geopolitics behind the Libyan Civil War

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The Libyan civil war is now at a potential turning-point, with all eyes on the key city of Sirte. How did we get here?

Libyan Civil War Swings in Tripoli’s Favor

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But the longstanding conflict is still far from over. In fact, it might be on the brink of a new escalation from Egypt.

Turkey’s Libya Gambit Will Not Go Unanswered by Egypt

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Turkey’s expanding role in the Libyan Civil War presents a security threat to Sisi’s Egypt, one that is unlikely to go unchallenged.

Haftar Offensive Grinds to a Halt in Tripoli Outskirts


General Haftar’s forces are stalled in the southern suburbs of Tripoli, and despite impressive early gains for the LNA on the battlefield, the long game favors the UN-recognized GNA in Tripoli owing to economic factors.

Battle of Tripoli

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Zac and Nick discuss General Haftar's offensive on Tripoli and what it means for Libya's protracted civil war.

Backgrounder: The Battle of Tripoli (2019)


Tired of a fractured and divided Libya, some foreign backers are throwing their support against the one candidate who they believe can unite the country. Yet General Haftar might have overplayed his hand in the LNA’s ongoing assault on Tripoli.

Libya: Haftar Makes His Move on Tripoli

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What’s behind General Haftar’s new military offensive in Libya?

Libyan Elections: Are the Abu Dhabi Meetings a Turning Point?

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Libyan Prime Minister Al-Sarraj and Khalifa Haftar met in Abu Dhabi few days ago. Can this meeting be the chance for new elections in Libya?

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