China-India Border Dispute

China’s Foreign Policy Adrift upon Rivers of Sand

China's Three Gorges Dam, cc Dan Kamminga from Haarlem, Netherlands, modified,

To understand China’s foreign policy toward India and bordering ASEAN countries, one must understand its national water crisis.

Daulat Beg Oldi: Flashpoint of the Himalayas

cc Flickr irumge, modified,

Ground-level changes are altering the strategic balance and fueling conflict between India and China in the Himalayas.

The End of India’s Panipat Syndrome?

Prime Minister Modi in Texas, USA. CC Flickr White House, public domain, modified, Prime Minister Narendra Modi of India addresses his remarks on stage Sunday, Sept. 22, 2019, at a rally in honor of Prime Minister Modi at NRG Stadium in Houston, Texas. (Official White House Photo by Shealah Craighead)

Prime Minister Modi is presiding over a newly assertive Indian foreign policy, with potentially far-reaching geopolitical consequences.

Backgrounder: India-China Skirmishes in Galwan Valley

cc Flickr tiendat dinh, modified,

Recent fighting in the Galwan Valley marks the first time lives have been lost along the disputed China-India border since 1975.

Sino-Indian Relations: The Weak Point of the BRICS

BRICSsummit, cc, modified,,

Unity among the BRICS countries will continue to be thwarted by longstanding geopolitical disputes.

Controlling the Heights: Great Power Competition in Nepal


One thing is clear from recent shifts in Nepalese politics: India can no longer take Nepal for granted.

Backgrounder: Doklam Plateau

Himalayas, cc Flickr Himadri Karmakar, modified,

Why are Indian and Chinese troops standing off at the Doklam Plateau?

The China-India Standoff over the Doklam Plateau

A mountain highway in Leh. cc Flickr Navaneeth KN, modified,

Exploring the factors that led to the current Doklam plateau stand-off, and how these two Asian behemoths can resolve it.

Myanmar: Ground Zero for China-India Energy Competition

Aung, Source Senat Rzeczypospolitej Polskiej Author Michał Józefaciuk, cc Wikicommons,

Although democratization has brought added scrutiny to joint ventures in Myanmar, the NLD government is very much in need of the infrastructure investment that China and India can offer.

India’s Karakoram Conundrum: The Great Game Lives On

Karak, cc Flickr Guilhem Vellut, modified,

Once India’s historical gateway to Central Asia and China, the Karakoram has become a lingering geopolitical flashpoint between India, China and Pakistan.

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