It feels like London has been battered by a severe political storm. The shocks have been felt mainly inside the Houses of Parliament but the drama continues to play through the media. In addition, thousands of people have taken to the streets, waving flags and chanting; with rival groups of campaigners focused upon Westminster.

All this creates worries for business. My friend who works for one of the big investment companies based in the City of London said the outlook is “entirely unpredictable.”  The markets and the media are also mired in uncertainty, although there is no lack of speculation.

Here’s what we do know. We will have a general election soon but we don’t know when. Mr Johnson’s plan for a snap general election on October 15th was rejected by Parliament because the opposition does not want the government to fall yet – at least not until after the crucial EU summit of 17-18th October, by which time a new law, that seeks to delay Brexit, will be in force. This leaves Mr Johnson effectively trapped in office but with extremely limited power.