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ECB Moves to Scale Back COVID-Era Bond Buying


Citing improved growth and rising inflation, the ECB moved to scale back its bond purchases. But don’t call it a taper.

ECB Sets New Inflation Target in Rare Strategy Overhaul

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Either the target or the loose monetary policy had to go. In the end it was the target.

Backgrounder: EU COVID-19 Recovery Fund

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The legacy of Next Generation EU and the joint issuance it envisions will likely outlive the immediate harms of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Global Forecast (6-7-2021)


Iran makes a naval foray into the Atlantic, the EU takes aim at multinational tax avoidance, and security in the Sahel continues to deteriorate.

Hungary: Authoritarianism by Another Name?

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What Prime Minister Viktor Orbán terms ‘illiberal democracy’ is starting to look a lot like blatant authoritarianism.

Why is the EU Breaking Its Own Treatise by Attacking a Small Pacific Island for not ‘Playing Fair’?

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The unequal matchup between a bureaucratic behemoth and Vanuatu reveals more about history and geopolitics than it does about financial irregularities.

Global Forecast (5-17-2021)


Inflation in focus in Europe, the junta government in Myanmar faces more armed resistance, and Israel unrest spreads to the West Bank.

UK-France Joint Action Key to European Relevance in the Indo-Pacific

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Only through joint action can France and the UK leverage their full strategic weight in the South China Sea dispute.

Netherlands Votes amid COVID-19 Pandemic

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Centrist parties are benefiting from COVID-19 tailwinds, but don’t read too much into the Dutch results.

No Human Rights without the Right to Know

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How do European governments strike a balance between privacy rights and the right for citizens to know what their leaders are doing?

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