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COVID-19: Make or Break Time for the Euro

euro, cc Flickr Enrico Matteucci, modified,

The Greek sovereign debt crisis left cracks in the foundation of the grand experiment of the euro. Will COVID-19 pry them open?

Madame la Maire: Paris, Reform, and the Improbable Rise of Anne Hidalgo

7 November 2017; Anne Hidalgo, Mayor, City of Paris, speaking during a press conference during the opening day of Web Summit 2017 at Altice Arena in Lisbon. Photo by David Fitzgerald/Web Summit via Sportsfile, cc Flickr Web Summit, modified,

All eyes on the upcoming Paris election, where the next president of France could be in-the-making.

Politics, Football, and a Change of Geopolitical Course of Bulgaria

Levski Sofia football fans, cc Wikicommons Javor Draganov, modified,

The fate of the Borisov government will have consequences for Bulgaria’s geopolitical alignment.

COVID-19 Economic Impact: Italy

Piazza San Marco at Dawn, Venice (taken in 2015), cc Benh LIEU SONG, Flickr, modified,

The Italian economy was uniquely vulnerable to recession even before COVID-19 arrived.

With Friends Like This: Russia and Turkey Fall Out over Idlib

Putin_with_Erdoğan, cc, modfiied,

Reprisal attacks against the Syrian government and renewed refugee flows into Europe are just two of the potential consequences of a deadly airstrike on Turkish troops in Idlib.

All Those Croatian Presidents

Franjo_Tuđman_1971, cc Wikicommons, modified, unknown,

A brief recap of those who preceded newly elected president Zoran Milanović.

COVID-19: Economic Impact Round-up (02-06-2020)

NingboAssembly, cc siywuj, modified,,_Ningbo.JPG

Recounting the latest production stoppages due to the COVID-19 outbreak.

Revisiting the Ukraine-Russia-EU Triangular Dynamics

UkraineDon, cc Flickr spoilt.exile, modified,

Assessing the wider issues that must be resolved if peace is to return to Ukraine.

Will a Hydrocarbon Discovery in the Eastern Mediterranean Bring Peace to Cyprus?


A significant new energy discovery could give new impetus to resolving an old dispute.

Romania 101: Lessons from a Century of Struggles and Success

cc Liviu Florin Albei, modified, flickr,,

In the words of Romanian poet Mihai Eminsecu: “The light is on for those who see, not for the blind ones.”

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