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Germany’s Geopolitics at a Crossroads

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Can Germany continue its historical balancing act between East and West amid growing bifurcation of the global system?

Whither Italian Geopolitics under Giorgia Meloni?

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The incoming prime minister will be asked to steer the strategic Mediterannean power through increasingly fraught geopolitical waters.

Time for Armenia to Abandon the Sinking Russian Ship

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Russian influence is collapsing across Eurasia. Unlike Belarus, Armenia still has time to make a diplomatic pivot and adapt to the emerging order.

Giorgia Meloni and the New Face of Euroscepticism

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Italy’s new prime minister will likely push a softer Euroscepticism that focuses on what Europe can realistically achieve by granting more powers to national governments.

The Common Travel Area: An Anglo-Irish Centenary Worth Celebrating

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Now nearing its 100-year anniversary, the Common Travel Area (CTA) has been an uncommon success in peaceful coexistence.

The EU and Poland’s Struggle over Rule of Law

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Warsaw must honour its commitments to Brussels so that it can continue to guide the coming hours in Europe.

Russian War Crimes in Ukraine Are Backfiring

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Putin’s tactic of targeting civilians is producing negative blowback across the geopolitical board for Russia.

Can Europe Become Africa’s Partner of Choice?

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A recent EU-AU summit sought to reboot relations and expand European investment on the continent.

Why Is Europe So Obsessed with Pacific Tax Regimes?

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The EU Tax Blacklist is at best a cynical and pointless political exercise and at worst an enduring vestige of the colonial era.

Germany Enters the Post-Merkel Era

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The SDP-Greens-FDP coalition has laid out a policy framework that envisions significant changes in Germany’s domestic and foreign policies.

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