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Belarus After Lukashenko: The Next Ukraine?

LukaPuti, cc, modified,

Anything is possible when Belarus’ long-serving president steps aside, including a repeat of the Ukraine crisis.

Iran Nuclear Deal Breakdown: What Does It Mean for European Business?

Negotiations_about_Iranian_Nuclear_Program_-_the_Ministers_of_Foreign_Affairs_and_Other_Officials_of_the_P5+1_and_Ministers_of_Foreign_Affairs_of_Iran_and_EU_in_Lausanne, public domain, US Department of State,

Iran nuclear deal stakeholders are scrambling to evade or circumvent looming US sanctions, but there’s one major hurdle they must clear: the US financial system.

Italy Locked in Collision Course with the European Commission, ECB

euro, cc Flickr David Stanley, modified,

The Italian government is going all-in against Brussels, and this is a fight it believes it can win.

Sanctions Backlash Threatens to Upend US Dollar Dominance

Trump at a 2018 G20 meeting, CC White House Flickr, modified, public domain

One of the enduring legacies of the Trump presidency might be how allies and enemies alike came together to dismantle the US monopoly on global financial transactions.

TAP Pipeline: Look Who’s Switching Off the Gas This Time


It's not Moscow, but the new government in Rome that might be turning off the TAP and dooming the Trans-Adriatic Pipeline project.

Italy and EU Clash over New Budget

ItalyEUFlag, cc Flickr Ed Uthman, modified,

Italy’s coalition conflict is over, but Rome’s external conflict with bond markets and the EU is only just beginning.

Italy Budget Grapples with Debt, EU Spending Limits

Di_Maio_Toninelli_Grillo, cc, modified, Presidenza della Repubblica

Early indications suggest that the austerity of Finance Minister Giovanni Tria has been eclipsed by spending initiatives from Italy’s anti-establishment coalition parties, sending yield rates for 10-year Italian bonds back toward 3%.

Global Forecast (9-25-2018)


Sweden’s far-right might sneak into the Riksdag via the back door, Brexit gut-check time in the United Kingdom, and new hope for US-Turkey relations.

EU Salzburg Summit Sinks May’s Latest Brexit Plan

May, cc Flcikr PRO EU2017EE Estonian Presidency, modified,

The demise of Prime Minister May’s Chequers plan increases the odds of a hard Brexit.

Russian Economy Hit by Sanctions, New Rouble Rout

RussiaCentralBank, cc, modified,

There’s no relief in sight for the long-suffering Russian economy, which is now faced with new sanctions and a renewed currency plunge.

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