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Freedom and Fair Justice for Moldova’s Imprisoned Anti-Corruption Prosecutor

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The political persecution of Moldova’s Anti-Corruption Prosecutor stands as President Sandu’s first big test in office.

Outlook 2021: A New Dawn for the European Union?


With Brexit now in the past, what will the future hold for the European Union?

EU-China Investment Agreement Casts Europe as a Great Power

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The EU-China Comprehensive Agreement on Investment has demonstrated Europe’s importance on the world stage – even if the agreement never sees the light of day.

Christmas Peace Deal to End the Brexit “War”?

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Britain’s services industry might not agree with the early declarations of victory that followed the new Brexit deal.

A New EU Deal for the Balkans: Time to Remake the Anteroom

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The EU should stop taking its influence in the Western Balkans for granted and re-commit to economic engagement with the region.

UK Sounds Alarm over New COVID-19 Variant

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A new COVID-19 variant in the UK is ushering in a new – and potentially longer – wave of lockdowns across Europe.

Threat of Sanctions Can Ensure a Smooth Election in Moldova

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Only the threat of penalties can break the current impasse over reform – a stasis that could destabilise the country.

Resolving the EU’s Rule of Law Conundrum?

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The EU’s COVID-19 response fund may be historic, but will it be money well spent?

Testing Europe’s Mettle: The EU’s Raw Materials Alliance

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Is the EU’s quest for self-sufficiency in key raw material inputs a case of wishful thinking?

Belarus Crisis: The Russian Perspective

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What’s at stake for Moscow in the ongoing Belarus crisis, and how far is the Kremlin willing to go to protect its interests?

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