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The Post-War Order Is Over

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And not because Trump wrecked it...

Turkey Joins the Great Power Club Vying for Influence in the Western Balkans

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Turkey is reestablishing ties in a frontier of the former Ottoman Empire, but in the Western Balkans it finds a field that’s already crowded with outside powers vyign for influence.

Populism in Europe: Fear, Greed, and Putin’s Meddling

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We must reject extremist positions and become stronger defenders of our values and political tradition.

Global Forecast (05-28-2018)


New elections loom in Italy, the Trump-Kim summit gets back on track, and a Congressional bombshell on China Communist Party subversion in New Zealand.

New Italy Government Locks in a Collision Course with the EU

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The M5S-League coalition is fixing for a fight with the EU, but it’s the markets they should be worried about.

Geopolitics and Conflict Potential in Central Asia and South Caucasus

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How has Central Asia avoided the protracted territorial disputes of Ukraine and the South Caucasus? In a word: geography.

EU to Go It Alone on Iran Nuclear Deal

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With their economic interests imperiled and domestic public opinion squarely behind them, EU leaders are looking into ways to save the Iran nuclear deal. However, good policy options will be few and far between, particularly for EU companies with high exposure to the US market.

China vs. the EU: The Influence War that only One Side Is Fighting

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China’s covert influencing activities are potentially far more consequential to the EU than those of Russia. So why is no one talking about them?

Neglected Backwater: Russia’s Growing Influence in the Balkans

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Russia will keep making inroads in the Balkans so long as Brussels and Washington ignore the region.

Armenia: Another Color Revolution?


If Armenia is headed for a color revolution, it’s one that will diverge from past examples.

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