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Rome and Brussels Resume Collision Course

ItalyEU2, cc Ewan Topping, modified, flickr,

Irresistible force, meet immovable object.

EU Parliament Elections

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Zac and Nick discuss some of the major takeaways from the EU Parliament elections, a potential turning point for the Union which now has many in Brussels breathing a sigh of relief. (Recorded June 4, 2019)

EU Parliament Elections: Key Takeaways

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EU Parliament results provided no major upheavals, but that doesn’t mean they won’t resonate in national politics across the continent.

Who Will Be the Next EU Commission President?

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Now that the EU Parliament results are in, the real horse-trading for the EU’s top jobs begins.

Theresa May and the Bitter Tears of Brexit

Theresa May

The prime minister’s resignation and a resounding victory for the Brexit Party are shaking up UK politics.

New Elections Loom as Austria Government Implodes

President Putin and Chancellor Kurz, cc, modified,

A scandal involving the far-right has caused the Kurz government to implode. But reports of the FPO’s death are greatly exaggerated.

Pushing the Growth Button on Europe’s Slowing Economy

Ponte 25 de Abril - Lisbon, Portugal - Seascape, cc Flickr Giuseppe Milo, modified,

A European ‘Belt and Road’ might be what the EU needs to lift the continent out of its economic doldrums.

Global Forecast: EU Parliament Election Round-Up


Europeans will soon head to the polls in what are likely the most important European Parliament elections ever.

Socialists Win Big in Spain Elections

Sanchez, cc Flickr European Parliament, modified,

Spain’s general election saw big gains for the Socialists and the far-right Vox party, and a historically poor result from the once-powerful People’s Party. Now the coalition building process begins.

The EU & The South China Sea Dispute

Subi Reef in 2015, cc US Navy, modified,

The EU is walking a fine line on the South China Sea dispute, but can the policy hold over the long-term?

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