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The EU Defense Industry: In the Shadow of Brexit

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All of these best-laid plans from Brussels to bolster continental military capacity and foster a globally competitive European industrial base are imperiled by the United Kingdom’s exit from the EU.

France Yellow Vest Protests: Jupiter Has Fallen

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A new and virulent protest movement has French President Emmanuel Macron reeling. Has the self-styled ‘Jupiter’ come crashing down to Earth?

EU Counter-Terrorist Financing Initiatives: Time to Move Beyond the War on Terror

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Criminals and terrorists are evolving new ways to launder money and finance themselves. It’s time for the European Union evolve along with them.

EU Battle Royale: Italy’s Deficit VS the EC’s Infringement Procedure

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Between the bond market, intra-coalition politics, and the Brussels-Rome relations, it’s going to be an interesting parliamentary term in Rome.

Why The Hungarian Government Just Doesn’t ‘Get It’ on Poverty

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Homeless people are the new migrants in Hungary, at least so far as political stigmatization is concerned.

Russia-Ukraine Naval Clash off of Crimea


Russian vessels have fired on the Ukrainian Navy near Crimea, risking a major escalation of the Ukraine crisis.

Global Forecast (11-21-2018)


In Poland and Italy, two EU disputes are headed in two different directions.

FLASH: Brexit Updates (11/15/2018)

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The situation looks grimmer by the hour for the May government.

Brexit Deal Finalized as Political Battle Looms in the UK

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The May government and EU negotiators have agreed to a final text for the Brexit agreement after years of negotiations… now comes the hard part.

Germany: CDU Hopefuls Vie for Merkel’s Spot

MerkelEPP, cc Flickr European Pepole's Party,, modified

As one era draws to a close, the CDU leadership race teases a new one.

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