Can Prime Minister Sunak Square the Circle of Brexit?

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Sunak’s may be a steady hand, but he is leading an unsteady country with an in-tray of unenviable proportions.

UK Currency Crisis: Toward Emerging Market Status

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If an emerging market is characterized by high vulnerability to the whims of hot money flows, recent events suggest that’s exactly where the United Kingdom is headed.

The Common Travel Area: An Anglo-Irish Centenary Worth Celebrating

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Now nearing its 100-year anniversary, the Common Travel Area (CTA) has been an uncommon success in peaceful coexistence.

Scottish Independence and the Risk of ‘Unenlightened Secession’

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Scotland may wish to be independent, but does the rest of the world wish to deal with an independent Scotland?

Britain Stages a Comeback in the Indian Ocean

HMS Queen Elizabeth (R 08) conducts a replenishment-at-sea in the South China Sea., cc Official U.S. Navy Page, modified,

The Indo-Pacific features prominently in ‘Global Britain,’ but diplomatic and fiscal realities could get in the way.

UK-France Joint Action Key to European Relevance in the Indo-Pacific

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Only through joint action can France and the UK leverage their full strategic weight in the South China Sea dispute.

Christmas Peace Deal to End the Brexit “War”?

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Britain’s services industry might not agree with the early declarations of victory that followed the new Brexit deal.

Brexit Talks Come Down to the Wire

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Johnson and von der Leyen are meeting for last-minute talks as Brexit approaches the endgame.

UK Economy Battered by Dual Reckoning of COVID-19 and Brexit

Mayor of London, Boris Johnson pushes the opening bell at NASDAQ the morning of 9/14/09 as part of Think London's digital Flickr Think London, modified,

Recent data paints a bleak picture of economic recovery in the United Kingdom.

Global Impacts of Brexit: A Butterfly Effect

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Will Brexit give rise to closer cooperation between the Anglosphere?

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