Britain Stages a Comeback in the Indian Ocean

HMS Queen Elizabeth (R 08) conducts a replenishment-at-sea in the South China Sea., cc Official U.S. Navy Page, modified,

The Indo-Pacific features prominently in ‘Global Britain,’ but diplomatic and fiscal realities could get in the way.

UK-France Joint Action Key to European Relevance in the Indo-Pacific

cc Flickr Commander, U.S. Naval Forces Europe-Africa/U.S. 6th Fleet, modifed,

Only through joint action can France and the UK leverage their full strategic weight in the South China Sea dispute.

Christmas Peace Deal to End the Brexit “War”?

cc Dunk, Flickr, modified, original art by Banksy,

Britain’s services industry might not agree with the early declarations of victory that followed the new Brexit deal.

Brexit Talks Come Down to the Wire

VDL, cc Flickr EU2017EE Estonian Presidency, modified,

Johnson and von der Leyen are meeting for last-minute talks as Brexit approaches the endgame.

UK Economy Battered by Dual Reckoning of COVID-19 and Brexit

Mayor of London, Boris Johnson pushes the opening bell at NASDAQ the morning of 9/14/09 as part of Think London's digital Flickr Think London, modified,

Recent data paints a bleak picture of economic recovery in the United Kingdom.

Global Impacts of Brexit: A Butterfly Effect

cc Dunk, Flickr, modified, original art by Banksy,

Will Brexit give rise to closer cooperation between the Anglosphere?

Boris Johnson: The Last UK Prime Minister?

G20Argentina, cc Flickr G20 Argentina, modified,

With the latest general election result, the stage might be set for the ‘Balkanization’ of Britain.

No Time Like the Present to Prepare for a Post-Brexit World

BoJo2, cc Foreign and Commonwealth Office - Beyond Brexit: A Global Britain, modified,

Boldness in the face of uncertainty is required of the Canadian government if it wants to ensure the best possible post-Brexit trade relationship.

Deja Vu: Boris Johnson’s Brexit Hinges on Irish Border Issue

Boris Johnson, modified, cc EU2017EE Estonian Presidency,

With the Brexit deadline looming, the British Prime Minister now turns to a problem that has caused strife for generations.

Navigating the Boris Backlash in the UK

BoJoGraff, cc Flickr Julian Tysoe, modified,

With nothing going according to plan for the Johnson government, a new election looms – but only after Brexit is delayed once again.

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