Global Impacts of Brexit: A Butterfly Effect

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Will Brexit give rise to closer cooperation between the Anglosphere?

Boris Johnson: The Last UK Prime Minister?

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With the latest general election result, the stage might be set for the ‘Balkanization’ of Britain.

No Time Like the Present to Prepare for a Post-Brexit World

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Boldness in the face of uncertainty is required of the Canadian government if it wants to ensure the best possible post-Brexit trade relationship.

Deja Vu: Boris Johnson’s Brexit Hinges on Irish Border Issue

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With the Brexit deadline looming, the British Prime Minister now turns to a problem that has caused strife for generations.

Navigating the Boris Backlash in the UK

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With nothing going according to plan for the Johnson government, a new election looms – but only after Brexit is delayed once again.

Will Brexit Open the Door for an EU Army?

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The United Kingdom often scuttled attempts at greater EU integration on security matters, but the prospect of an EU Army will remain daunting after Brexit.

No-Deal a Foregone Conclusion? UK Prepares for a Hard Brexit

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Prime Minister Boris Johnson has declared that the UK is leaving the EU one way or another on October 31, but markets remain unconvinced.

What’s at Stake in a Hard Brexit

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What’s on the line if the Johnson government pulls Britain out of the UK without a deal on October 31?

Euro Zone Manufacturing Data Points to Recession Ahead

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Recent economic data out of Europe is going from bad to worse.

The Boris Johnson Era Dawns in Britain

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Whether it turns out ‘golden’ or ultimately fleeting will come down to the likely general election in autumn.

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