Theresa May and the Bitter Tears of Brexit

Theresa May

The prime minister’s resignation and a resounding victory for the Brexit Party are shaking up UK politics.

Global Forecast: Brexit Round-Up

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Recounting some of the latest economic and political developments in the United Kingdom’s ongoing Brexit process.

Will Brexit Open the Door for an EU Army?

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The United Kingdom often scuttled attempts at greater EU integration on security matters, but the prospect of an EU Army will remain daunting after Brexit.

FLASH: Brexit Updates (11/15/2018)

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The situation looks grimmer by the hour for the May government.

Brexit Deal Finalized as Political Battle Looms in the UK

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The May government and EU negotiators have agreed to a final text for the Brexit agreement after years of negotiations… now comes the hard part.

FLASH: October Brexit Summit

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Signals abound that the EU and UK are headed toward a hard Brexit.

Global Forecast (9-25-2018)


Sweden’s far-right might sneak into the Riksdag via the back door, Brexit gut-check time in the United Kingdom, and new hope for US-Turkey relations.

EU Salzburg Summit Sinks May’s Latest Brexit Plan

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The demise of Prime Minister May’s Chequers plan increases the odds of a hard Brexit.

Conservatives Never Wanted Brexit

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Brexit was never the Conservative Party’s idea. In fact, it was always one of its’ worst nightmares.

Hungarian Voters Deal a Blow to the European Union

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Viktor Orbán’s decisive election victory sets the stage for a long-delayed East-West battle over what lies at the heart of the European Union.

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