Global Forecast (9-25-2018)


Sweden’s far-right might sneak into the Riksdag via the back door, Brexit gut-check time in the United Kingdom, and new hope for US-Turkey relations.

EU Salzburg Summit Sinks May’s Latest Brexit Plan

May, cc Flcikr PRO EU2017EE Estonian Presidency, modified,

The demise of Prime Minister May’s Chequers plan increases the odds of a hard Brexit.

Conservatives Never Wanted Brexit

BrexitProtest, cc Flickr Avaaz, modified,

Brexit was never the Conservative Party’s idea. In fact, it was always one of its’ worst nightmares.

Hungarian Voters Deal a Blow to the European Union

Orban, cc Flickr European People's Party, modified,

Viktor Orbán’s decisive election victory sets the stage for a long-delayed East-West battle over what lies at the heart of the European Union.

Lithuania’s Choice: Nuclear Safety or Spare Vehicle Parts

LIthuaniaNuclear, CC PIxabay, modified,

Lithuania doesn’t need to rely on EU funding to advance key projects like Rail Baltica and decommissioning the Ignalina nuclear power plant.

Britain Continues to Grapple with the Post-Brexit Reality

Corbyn, cc Flickr Chatham House, modified,

While transition negotiations flounder, the Brexit debate has coalesced into a simple question: Hard or soft?

Theresa May’s Gamble with the ECJ

EUCast, cc Flickr bob, modified,

Brexit negotiations are now touching upon fundamental security questions to which Theresa May’s government has no real answers.

CDU-SPD Coalition Deal Reached in Germany

cc Flickr SPD Schleswig-Holstein, modified,

After heaping concessions onto the final deal with the SPD, Angela Merkel might just get her fourth term as Germany’s chancellor.

Outlook 2018: Retrospective


Looking back on the major geopolitical trends of 2017.

A Brexit Blueprint for Turkey?

Merkel201, cc Flickr European People's Party, modified,

Officials have recently floated the idea of a UK-EU ‘special deal’ serving as a blueprint for Turkey’s future relationship with the bloc.

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