Key Dates

April 11 – Benin presidential election.

April 11 – Ecuador presidential run-off election.

April 12 – India consumer prices data released.

April 13 – UK GDP and manufacturing data released.

April 13 – US Core CPI data released. The numbers are expected to reflect a significant bump as prices recover from their 2020 lows, following the same track as producer prices which surprised on the upside last week.

April 13 – Reserve Bank of New Zealand makes its interest rate decision. Unlike other developed peers, there is an element of uncertainty as to what that decision will be after efforts by the New Zealand government to have the central bank factor in housing prices to its rate strategy.

April 14 – US weekly crude oil inventory data released.

April 14 – Australia employment data released.

April 15 – US monthly retail sales and weekly jobless claims data released.

April 15 – China yearly industrial production data released.

April 15 – Central Bank of the Republic of Turkey makes its interest rate decision.

April 16 – EU Core CPI data released.