Duterte Presidency a Potential Game Changer in the South China Sea

May 10, 2016

Geopolitical Monitor

Duterte, cc Flickr Keith Bacongco, modified, https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0/



The Philippines has a new president: Rodrigo Duterte, the tough, straight-talking mayor of Davao, a mid-level city of around 1.5 million people. Duterte will be the first president to hail from Minanao in the under-developed south, a region that is home to a decades-long insurgency by Islamist groups who feel underrepresented in state politics.

The Philippines is one of several states engaged in territorial disputes with China over maritime borders in the South China Sea, and this is one foreign policy area in which the Duterte presidency could be a game changer, though not necessarily in a positive way so far as smaller claimants are concerned. Statements made by Duterte during the campaign have revealed a surprisingly soft line towards Beijing in the South China Sea dispute – so soft that some are accusing the president elect of adopting a dovish line on territorial claims in exchange for foreign donations to his presidential campaign fund.


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    Duterte is looking at the signs painted on the wall, showing the US hegemony clearly on the downside as evident by the Obama’s signal to all Western countries not to join China’s new Asian Investment Bank, and EVERYONE except Canada and Japan abandoning the US lone pursuit, with Britain, Germany, France and even Israel become co-founders together with China.
    The USA is becoming a liability not worth the price.


    Duterte’s election is another sign from around the world, “politics as usual” is being dumped.
    More and more people are realizing how interlocked is the political corruption around the world, and are looking for alternatives to the ESTABLISHED realm, as in the US elections the 2 INDEPENDENT candidates not controlled by the 2 party establishment, happen to be the most popular, and the efforts by the corrupt political system to sideline them, is backfiring because it’s making it more obvious how deep the corruption permeates the whole system.

    Syrisa’s success in being elected in Greece is another example of this global rejection of the Status Quo and the efforts the ECB and EU Parliament have done to deny Greeks their true democracy by stealing from them their best assets with FRAUDULENT DEBTS, is a historic political move deep in corruption.


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