US to Rebuild China Policy from the Ground Up

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Two weeks ago, US President Joe Biden announced a new Pentagon task force to examine how the United States should respond to the growing challenge posed by China. The 15-member task force will be composed of civilian and military officials, and it will examine the full spectrum of US-China relations, everything from Beijing’s maturing military and technological capacities to the potential impacts of China’s rising power on US allies in Asia.

More recently, US Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer announced that he is directing his caucus to draft a set of bills countering China’s unfair trade practices, namely in the tech sector. Just yesterday a group of lawmakers met with the US president to discuss new ways to secure US supply chains of strategic commodities.

It appears as though a new strategic paradigm is coalescing with regard to US China policy. But don’t call it an overhaul – there was never much of a comprehensive strategy in the first place.

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