Trump Pulls Out of the Paris Agreement

June 2, 2017

Rene Zou

ParisConf, cc Flickr Ron Mader, modified,



The Paris Climate Agreement is a landmark deal. Not only does it represent one of the first universal and legally-binding attempts to cut carbon emissions worldwide, but it also succeeded where many before it failed: it united the world’s two largest greenhouse gas emitters—the United States and China—at least for a little while.

President Trump has now pulled the United States out of the Paris mechanism. In doing so, he has delivered a blow to global efforts to combat climate change. What’s more, he has also added to a growing pattern of US retreat on various multilateral fronts. Whether the TPP, NATO, or now Paris, the U.S. is punching out in search of a “better deal.”

It’s highly unlikely that a better deal, or any other deal, will be forthcoming.


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