Economics of Climate Change

Ethiopia: A Geopolitical Time Bomb in the Making

cc Jonathan Alpeyrie, modified, wikicommons,

Ethiopia’s climate-sensitive economy, growing population, and inter-ethnic conflict make it a geopolitical time bomb primed to explode.

Adani Scandal Threatens Australia’s Carmichael Coal Mine

A protest against the Carmichael mine in Australia, cc Flickr Takver, modified,

Adani’s renewed scandal and financing challenges are calling the future of one of the world’s largest new coal mines into question.

Climate Change: Unfit for the Residual Heat

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New strategies must be explored to address the climate change elephant in the room: industrial heat.

The Hidden Price of Interlinking Rivers in India

Boat ride on the Ganges, cc Flickr rusticus80, modified,

Are the economic benefits of India’s interlinking river project worth the massive and largely unquantified ecological risks?

Outlook 2018: The Year in Drought


Droughts disrupted food production and spurred migration and conflict worldwide in 2017. Will 2018 be any different?

Climate Change in the Middle East

SyriaClimateChange, cc Flickr Martin Talbon, modified,

Rising global temperatures will bring major economic and political changes to the Middle East

Trump Pulls Out of the Paris Agreement

ParisConf, cc Flickr Ron Mader, modified,

What does Trump’s pulling out of the Paris Climate Agreement mean for the fight against global warming?

UN Sounds Alarm over Somalia Drought

amisom2, cc Flickr AMISOM Public Information, public domain

Drought and food insecurity have created a humanitarian crisis in Somalia, leading to an uptick in piracy in the Gulf of Aden among other destabilizing developments.

President Trump Foreign Policy Checklist

trumptower, cc Flickr Daniel Huizinga, modified,

Donald Trump’s stunning win is expected to bring big changes to US foreign policy. Here’s what we can expect.

US Election 2016: Renewables & Climate Change

EPA-2, EPA logo

Divergent views on climate change won’t just impact US policy on the international stage; they also have the power to make or break the US fossil fuel and renewables industries.

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