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Biden Not the Hero the WTO Needs

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The Biden administration appears content to perpetuate the WTO’s toothless status, with major consequences for global trade moving forward.

Why Protectionism Could Not Solve Trump’s Trade Deficit

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President Trump came to power on a platform of reducing the trade deficit, yet in 2020 the gap remains wide as ever. What went wrong?

US-China Relations under a Biden Presidency

Vice President Biden toasts China President Xi Jinping at a state dinner, cc US State Department, modified,

A reset of the US-China bilateral relationship could be a step too far, even for the self-styled ‘back-to-normal’ candidate.

Post-Pandemic Supply Chains: Production Alternatives to China

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Three countries to watch in the likely event that the trade diversification trend accelerates following the COVID-19 pandemic.

President Trump Takes Aim at the WTO

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The Trump administration has an opportunity to strike at the heart of the global trade regime, and it intends to take it.

No Time Like the Present to Prepare for a Post-Brexit World

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Boldness in the face of uncertainty is required of the Canadian government if it wants to ensure the best possible post-Brexit trade relationship.

AfCFTA: Potential Problems for a Single-Market Africa

KENYA, Mombasa: Photograph taken by the Kenyan Ministry of East African Affairs, Commerce and Tourism (MEAACT) 31 July shows a general view of Mombasa Port on Kenya's Indian Ocean coast. MANDATORY CREDIT: MEAACT PHOTO / STUART PRICE., modified, Flickr, MEAACT Kenya, public domain

Signing the landmark agreement was a relatively simple exercise; the true test is yet to come.

EU-Mercosur Trade Deal Hangs in the Balance amid Amazon Row

Brazil Amazon fires (2011), cc Flickr NASA Earth Observatory, modified,

The EU-Mercosur free trade agreement had some uncomfortable environmental connotations from the very beginning, and the latest Amazon row has put them into much sharper relief.

US-China Trade War: Headed for Conclusion or Escalation?

Presidents Trump and Xi at the G20 summit in Japan, cc Flickr White House, modified, public domain

What might the ramifications be of a full-blown trade war, and what is the likelihood presidents Trump and Xi manage to sign an agreement to avoid them?

Trump Puts US-China Trade War on Pause

U.S. Army Chief of Staff, Gen. Ray Odierno met with commanders of the People's Liberation Army (PLA) in Beijing, China, February 21, 2014. Gen. Odierno, spoke with different Chinese commanders to strengthen and promote military to military relations between the United States and China. (U.S. Army Photo by Sgt. Mikki L. Sprenkle/Released)

China may have won this battle, but the trade war will rage on.

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