Islamic State in Libya

Libya’s Lost Hope

Gaddafi, cc Flickr thierry ehrmann, modified,

When the NATO-led coalition intervened in Libya, its people were promised security and democracy. Seven years later, all they have received is chaos, death and destruction.

Is Libya the Unlikely Solution to the Franco-Italian Migration Spat?

An Irish boat rescues migrants off the coast of Tripoli; cc Flickr Irish Defence Forces, modified,

Stabilizing Libya to stem the flow of migrants to European shores may be the one thing that Rome and Paris can actually agree on.

Egypt’s Samir Al Ghatas on the Nature of Terrorism

NYC terrorist attack, modified, GH9449,

Is terrorism fueled by economic, social, religious, or psychological factors?

ISIS Turns to Opiates to Fund Activities in the MENA Region


A new bust suggests that North Africa-based militant groups and the Italy-based mafia are cooperating and reaping big profits from drug trafficking in the MENA region.

Moscow Steps In to Fill the Vacuum in Libya

Kremlin.Ru, modified,

Two early takeaways from the recent Rome summit between Libya’s rival leaders: a unity government is possible, and Russia might just have a role in making it happen.

Libya: The Next Piece in Russia’s Geopolitical Chess Match

Haftar, cc Flickr Magharebia

Whether reports of Russian troop deployments along the Libya-Egypt border are true or not, it’s clear that Moscow is seeking to reestablish its historical ties with Libya.

Al-Qaeda and Islamic State Vie for Supremacy in West Africa

AQIM2, VOA public domain

Islamic State and Al-Qaeda in the Maghreb are locked in a fierce competition for one of the most lucrative frontiers of global jihad: West Africa.

Military Strikes a Potential Boon for Islamic State in Libya

ISISFlag2, cc Flickr Global Panorama, modfiied,

A Western military intervention will not work against Islamic State in Libya

Tunisia’s Terrorism Problem Goes Beyond Islamic State

Tunisia Flag, cc Flickr Nicolas Raymond

One must look beyond Islamic State for the real causes of radicalization in Tunisia. Only then will we have the proper tools to stomp out terrorism.

A New Islamic State Front in the Sahara

Haftar, cc Flickr Magharebia

Islamic State is taking advantage of Toureg and Toubou clashes in southern Libya as another UN-mediated attempt at national unity unravels.

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