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FLASH: Anti-Government Protests in Iran

Iran Protests of June 2009, cc Milad Avazbeigi, modified,

In an echo of 2009, anti-government protests have broken out in several cities in Iran.

Revisiting Hamas-Fatah Reconciliation

Hamas rally 2007, cc Wikicommons Hoheit (¿!), modified,

Will the Jerusalem embassy move be boon or bane to Hamas-Fatah reconciliation?

NYC Attack Evokes Forgotten ‘Islamic State’ of Central Asia

2017NYCTruckAttack, cc Wikicommons gh9449, modified,

The possibility that Sayfullo Saipov was radicalized in Uzbekistan should surprise no one.

No Easy Path for Rouhani’s Reelection in Iran

rouhanikrem, public domain, -

Iran’s reformist president faces challenges from within and without in his bid for a second term on May 19.

Iran Clergy Unrepentant as Power Transfers in the United States

iranusembassy, cc Flickr Kamyar Adl, modified,

Iran’s clergy is still bragging following an ineffectual Iran nuclear deal.

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