Food Prices

Ukraine War Risks Famine in the MENA Region

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Strangled wheat exports are creating cost-of-living crises and starvation across the MENA region. But for Russia, this might have been the plan all along.

Ukraine War and Food Prices


The Ukraine war has driven up food prices around the world, and there’s still room to grow.

US Natural Gas Prices Hit 14-Year High


It’s a price reckoning that European consumers are already all too familiar with, and now US consumers are starting to feel the pain of high natural gas prices.

Food Protests Erupt in Iran

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Drought, global markets, and fiscal pressures are giving rise to a cost-of-living crisis in Iran, and it’s a risk that’s becoming increasingly common throughout the developing world as the Ukraine war drags on.

Agricultural Commodity Prices Surge through 2021


Weather, supply chain shortages, and geopolitics are combining to drive up prices for major agricultural exports around the world.

Inflation Comes to Global Food Prices


Food insecurity risks are increasing as food prices rally across-the-board to close out 2021.

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