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Beijing Between a Rock and a Hard Place on Market Reform

Xi Jinping, CC Flickr Global Panorama

Amidst a stock market crash and signs of a wider slowdown in the Chinese economy, Beijing is mulling another massive stimulus package. But striking a balance between short-term relief and long-term stability won’t be easy.

Timeline: China’s Market Rout

Chinese Yuan, cc Flickr

A timeline of the rise, fall, and government interventions to save China’s equity markets.

For China, All Silk Roads Lead through Afghanistan

cc wikicommons

A confluence of economic opportunity (developing the country’s vast mineral wealth) and political necessity (ensuring a stable Xinjiang) make post-NATO Afghanistan a perfect testing ground for China’s great power aspirations.

Briefing: Shadow Banking in China

Shanghai in 2006, cc Flickr 一元 马, modified,

A brief background on a growing systemic risk in the global economy: shadow banking in China.

Will the Green Energy Revolution Begin in China?

A Green Energy Wind Turbine Farm in China

A public health emergency has forced Beijing’s hand on green energy investment, but that doesn't mean coal’s reign will end anytime soon.

Next Up for Reform in China: a Small Step or a Giant Leap?

Chinese Parliamentary session in progress

The Geopoliticalmonitor’s Zachary Fillingham discusses some of the rumored reforms that will be considered during the third plenum in China next month. 

China Moves to Pop the Debt Bubble

Premier of China

Delving into the opening act of "Likonomics" in China.

CNOOC-Nexen Deal: Whither Blow the Winds of Canadian Nationalism?

CanadaEnergy, cc Flickr jasonwoodhead23, modified,

First came the spectacular failure of the Unocal takeover, then the long and agonizing death of the Rio Tinto bid, but you just can’t keep a good Chinese SOE down.

China’s Economic Quandary

Oil Pipes in Anhui Province

Hopes that China can provide the impetus for a global economic resurgence are predicated on a profound misunderstanding of the intrinsic contradictions of the Chinese economy.

Chinese Companies Breaking through Iran Sanctions

stars and stripes of china and US

According to the Washington Post, a top US official has submitted a list of Chinese companies and banks that are breaking UN sanctions on Iran to the Chinese authorities.

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