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The End of Made in China?

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Decoupling is the natural result of China’s worsening business climate for foreign companies.

Small Bank Debt Warnings Flash in China

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Non-performing loans are a lot higher in Henan province than the official national statistics would have us believe.

China Debt: Qinghai SOE Is First Offshore Default in 20 Years

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The default of a state-owned provincial investment vehicle reflects a changing paradigm in China’s debt markets. But how long will the authorities remain on the sidelines?

High-Tech Domination and the US-China Trade War: AI Is Cheapening Authoritarian Governance

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As a path to economic success and a way to cement its rule, AI represents a lucrative frontier for the Chinese Communist Party. So although Made in China 2025 might be forced to change its branding, the core of the policy isn’t going anywhere.

Trump Expands His Trade War to China

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The opening volleys have been fired in the long awaited US-China trade war.

China Renews Its Commodity Buying Binge

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China is once again at the heart of a global commodities supercycle, but there are signs that the party might be short-lived.

The Year Ahead for China’s Coal Industry

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China’s coal industry may be in a controlled decline, but it isn’t disappearing anytime soon.

IMF Warns on China’s Financial System (Again)

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The International Monetary Fund is still worried about debt levels in China’s financial system.

Introducing China’s New Politburo Standing Committee

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With this latest standing committee, President Xi Jinping has cemented his authority over the Party for the next five years.

President Xi Looks to Consolidate Power at 19th Party Congress

China President Xi Jinping, cc,

With no heir apparent in sight, President Xi is expected to seed Party and state organs with his closest allies. Does this mean a third term is in the cards?

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