Arab Spring

Between Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and the UAE: Tunisia’s Quest for Neutrality

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Tunisia is attempting to maintain its foreign policy independence while navigating its triangular relationship with Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and the UAE. It’s no easy task.

Egypt: Going through the Motions of Democracy

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Egyptian voters are heading to the polls. Their choice: President al-Sisi or President al-Sisi.

Protests Erupt in Cities across Tunisia

An anti-terrorism protest in Tunisia in July 2014, cc Flickr Magharebia, modified,

Just days from the anniversary of former president Zine El Abadine Ben Ali stepping down, protesters are flooding the streets in the cradle of the Arab Spring.

Backgrounder: Qatar Crisis

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The Saudi and Egypt-led blockade of Qatar has been a long time coming.

Saudi Arabia: Turning Vision 2030 into Reality

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Will Saudi Arabia lose its nerve on economic reform now that oil prices have partially recovered?

Yemen on the Brink of Humanitarian Disaster

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Civil war and a Saudi-led naval blockade have Yemen teetering on the brink of a humanitarian disaster.

Egypt’s Economy Turning the Corner?

President al-Sisi visits Russia

In accepting IMF funding, President el-Sisi is walking a tightrope between economic reform and popular upheaval.

Trump’s Immigration Ban a Siren Call for Islamic State

Trump 2015, cc Flickr Gage Skidmore, modified,

President Trump’s travel ban is a propaganda windfall for Islamic State and other jihadist groups.

Tunisia’s Economic and Security Challenges Mount

tunisiamap, cc, public domain

Tunisia is the one success story of the Arab Spring, but it might not remain that way forever.

Tunisia: A Water Conflict in the Making?

An olive tree in Sahel, Tunisia. Disruption in the agricultural industry threatens to drive water conflict in this important country in the MENA region.

Drought conditions are driving water conflicts throughout Tunisia, further destabilizing the fragile outpost of democracy in the MENA region.

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