American Decline

Whither the US-Centered, Rule-Based World Order?

ATLANTIC OCEAN (July 28, 2017) An F/A-18F Super Hornet assigned to Air Test and Evaluation Squadron (VX) 23 approaches the aircraft carrier USS Gerald R. Ford (CVN 78). The aircraft carrier is underway conducting test and evaluation operations.(U.S. Navy photo by Erik Hildebrandt/Released) 170728-N-UZ648-093 Join the conversation:,

How long can a world order survive when its creator and primary benefactor is actively working to undermine it?

American Decline and the Limits of Academic Thinking

trumprally, cc Flickr Darron Birgenheier, modified,

A new Harvard report has cast some light on American decline and the US presidential race, but it also illustrates the limits of academic thinking.

Iran Nuclear Deal Reflects Dangerous US Weakness

Kerry shakes hand with Iranian counterpart to seal the Iran nuclear deal.

The Iran nuclear deal will not be viewed favorably by future historians.

America’s Bad Year in the Middle East and Pakistan


2011 was poor for the Obama Administration in most of the Islamic world.

America and the Politics of Disaster

US debt ceiling crisis

Though Republicans and Democrats have managed to piece together a last-minute bill to stave off a potentially ruinous default, the rancorous process and tepid end result both point to a new kind of politics in Washington.

Flashpoint: South China Sea

South China Sea crisis and implications for regional security

The conflict between China and Vietnam over the South China Sea is not just a petty squabble over maritime sovereignty.

The Resource Wars of Tomorrow

Aluminum Refinery in India

A list of global sites deemed sensitive to US national security interests, recently leaked by Wikileaks, acts as a window into a world where global free trade has been disrupted and access to primary resources is paramount.

UN reform a critical issue in the next decade

United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-moon

Reforming the UN Security Council stands as a key barometer for assessing the international system`s transition from a post-Cold War US hegemony to a more multipolar distribution of economic and military power.

Past Battles Remain in UK Defense Review

Rocket launching

Impending defense cuts in the United Kingdom, and the alarm that they are generating in Washington, are both indicative of a shifting global balance of power.

ANALYSIS: BRIC countries coordinate on Iran

2nd BRIC Summit

BRIC countries are set to propose a resolution in support of Iran at the UN General Assembly; a further sign that the forum could evolve a more political dimension in the future.

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