Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula

Yemen on the Brink of Humanitarian Disaster

sanaa-airstrikes, author Ibrahem Qasim, modified,

Civil war and a Saudi-led naval blockade have Yemen teetering on the brink of a humanitarian disaster.

A New Image for an Old Al-Qaeda

ALQV, cc Andres Pérez Flickr,

Pressured by Western governments and Islamic State, Al-Qaeda is undergoing a transition as it struggles to remain relevant in the global movement it helped to create.

Saudi Arabia Jumps Headfirst into the Yemeni Civil War

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Saudi Arabia has intervened against the Iran-backed Houthis in Yemen, and in doing so opened up a new proxy front between the bitter regional rivals.

Yemen: The World’s Newest Failed State

Yemen Map

Considering the warring factions, stunted opportunities for economic growth, an imminent oil shortage, and the severe water problems, Yemen is a social and security time bomb.

Yemen Quietly Descends into Chaos

Northern Yemen, CC European Commission

If you asked a State Department employee what their worst-case scenario for the Middle East was five years ago, the response might have described what is currently unfolding across the region.

Yemen: The Forgotten Front

Political Map of Yeman

What are the challenges faced by the new Yemeni government in dealing with the Islamist insurgency in the South?

Yemen: The Next Void

Flag of Yemen

Yemeni President Ali Abdullah Saleh’s recent statement that he ‘rejects power’ and will step down in the coming days has become somewhat of a common refrain in recent months.

Analysis: al-Shabab Offensive in Somalia

wounded civilian

Al-Shabab’s latest attack displays a level of planning and execution that doesn’t bode well for the AU-backed transitional government in Mogadishu.

Analysis: AMISOM Takes Aim at al-Shabab

Somali soldier draggs dead in Mogadishu

The al-Shabab attack on World Cup revelers in Uganda three weeks ago has served as a wake-up call for African Union leaders.

Al-Shabab Strikes outside of Somalia

Injured man in Kampala Attack

This weekend’s double bombing in Kampala bears all the hallmarks of an al-Shabab attack. It seems that Somalia’s homegrown strain of the Taliban has struck outside its own borders for the very first time.

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