Saudi Arabia Jumps Headfirst into the Yemeni Civil War

cc Flickr, DVIDSHUB, modified, has followed the progress of the Shiite Houthi rebels very closely as they descended from the mountains in the north; sacked Sana’a and deposed the government of President Hadi; captured critical oil fields to the east of the capital; and marched southward towards Aden, the former capital of South Yemen where Hadi had taken refuge in the hope of mounting a counterattack.

Throughout the course of these events, it was an open question how Saudi Arabia would respond. Yemen, after all, with its near 50-50 split between Sunnis and Shiites and proximity to the Kingdom, represents fertile ground in the battle between Saudi Arabia and Iran – a rivalry that is increasingly unfettered as Washington experiments with a more balanced engagement in the region.

Well it seems we have our answer.

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