No End in Sight for Myanmar’s Long-suffering Rohingya

September 11, 2017

Geopolitical Monitor

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Clashes between the minority Rohingya population and security forces in Myanmar’s Rakhine province have resulted in a mass exodus into Bangladesh. The UN estimates that some 290,000 Rohingya Muslims have crossed into Bangladesh over the past two weeks alone. Estimates of deaths so far range from 400-1,000.

The Rohingya constitute around 1.1 million of Myanmar’s 53 million people. They’re predominantly located in the northwest state of Rakhine. Dubbed as ‘the world’s most persecuted minority,’ the Rohingya have encountered persecution and resistance wherever they migrate to: in Bangladesh, India, and of course Myanmar as well. India Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s recent visit to Myanmar was motivated in part by a desire to deport the 40,000 some Rohingya people that fled to India during the last uptick of Rakhine violence in 2012.

Recent events in Rakhine are unequivocally a humanitarian disaster, so much so that the venerable Aung San Suu Kyi has been widely panned for her tepid response to the crisis. Yet there are several geopolitical factors at play here which suggest that the Rohingya’s problems are just beginning.


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  • Sven

    Rohyngia Muslims are NOT Myanmar citizens, but few illegal generations of Bangladeshees who was living in Burma, because Burmese, as a Buddhist people are peaceful. But enough is enough, when Rohyngia, like Muslims everywhere in the World start raping and murdering Burmese, come normal reaction ! Rohyngia should go back to Bangladesh, where they are belong !

    • Shamim Abedin

      Rohingyas, with a different culture although Muslims were always a part of Myanmar. The borders were drawn after the British colonial rule ended and these subcontinent gain independence in the form of Pakistan and India. Later, same followed for the people of Burma gaining independence. But their tyrant motivation never stopped working and Ne Win the military dictator expelled citizens, belonging to diverse religion. Now under the Myanmarese democracy, Aung Suu Kyi is nothing but ‘sheep in wolf skin’. Atrocities by the ‘Peaceful ‘Buddhist monks, seems to be nothing like before. Bangladesh, being a Muslim majority country, we could have easily resorted on avenge reprisals against the Buddhist people here .Doesn’t it gives proof enough to your claim we Muslims are killing everywhere? Tell me if Hitler was a Muslim?


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